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[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Seong-joon and Kim Jae-rong boasted splendid mouths.

On the afternoon of the 4th, MBC’s standard FM ‘Park Joon-hyung, Jung Kyung-mi’s 2’o clock Manse’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2’o clock Manse’) appeared as guests of ‘The People of Trot’ Ahn Seong-jun and Kim Jae-rong (comedian Kim Jae-wook).

On this day, Ahn Seong-jun sang ‘Sunset Day’ and splendidly opened the door. DJ Park Joon-hyung suggested to Ahn Seong-joon, “Isn’t it your first appearance in ‘2’o clock Manse’. Please give off your charm for 20 seconds.” Therefore, Ahn Seong-joon drew attention with various talents in a short time. Kim Jae-rong also tactfully self-promotion, saying, “Please watch it as if you were watching a fun party.”

The two recalled the time of ‘The People of Trot’. When Kim Jae-rong lucked out “there was a search battle,” Ahn Seong-joon said, “There was a one-on-one death match in the third round, and there was an opportunity to pick an opponent. Jae-rong told his brother not to pick me. Because the style was similar It seemed to be bad when it was hit, but we were the opponents who were elected.”

DJ Jung Kyung-mi said honestly, “I’m sorry to Seong-jun, but since I’m a brother, I voted a lot for Kim Jae-rong.” Ahn Seong-jun said, “I don’t know, but I boasted that I was appearing in ‘2’o clock Manse’, but people around me said, ‘There are three comedians, so I’m going to be bullied.’ But in the waiting room, I was depressed when I was only looking for my brother.” I got it. Park Joon-hyung said, “Isn’t it still number one?”

Next, he asked, “How much is the prize money” to Ahn Seong-jun, who won first place in ‘The People of Trot’. Ahn Seong-jun answered “100 million”, and Kim Jae-rong, who took third place, said, “I watched receiving the prize money,” and laughed.

When Ahn Seong-jun “I’m thinking about how to use the prize money. It will be deposited soon,” DJ Jung Kyung-mi asked, “After receiving the prize money, do you have any idea what to do in your mind?”

In response, Ahn Seong-jun listed the bucket list, saying, “I’m going to sort out my remaining debt. And there aren’t many places I’ve been to in Seoul. I want to go to a restaurant and order food without seeing the price. I want to get on the taxi without seeing the meter.”

Kim Jae-rong said, “Seong-jun decided to shoot Korean beef, but he said that the deposit could not be made. I wrote it down because it seemed like it would be over.” Ahn Seong-jun, who heard this, said, “I wonder if my brother is going to eat a lot?”

Ahn Seong-jun shed a lot of tears while telling his winning impressions. He said, “I don’t have much tears in the first place, but I have risen to the top 3 crybaby. I was wondering if I could become a singer, and the judges said, ‘Ahn Seong-jun can do it as it is’, and the sorrow that had been unknown so far melted away.”

Kim Jae-rong also recalled the time when he shed tears and said, “When the 7 lights came on during the Loser Resurrection, it was passed, but all came in. Tears came out when I saw that. But when a comedian cried, he said, ‘I didn’t know how to cry in the contest program.'”

Park Joon-hyung admitted to Kim Jae-rong, saying, “At the time of a comedian, I knew I was good at dancing and singing well.” Kim Jae-rong replied, “I have never played euphemisms on the comedian stage, and since I was a child, my father played a lot of trot songs.”

Jung Kyung-mi, who heard this, said, “When I went to the karaoke room, Kim Jae-rong had a luck. I think I did not go my way.” Park Joon-hyung said, “I am disappointed as a comedian senior. I saw that funny thing for the first time when I was doing a corner called ‘Igae Bird’.”

Ahn Seong-jun attracted attention by revealing that “I changed my name because things were not solved.” He said, “I changed my name last year. The first thing I challenged after changing my name was ‘The People of Trot,’ and I won the championship.” As I became famous, I couldn’t go to the name Hee-jae. So I went to the Philosophy Hall,” he complained about. Kim Jae-rong said, “I think I’m in third place because I named it, and if I went to the Philosophy Hall, I wouldn’t have been number one.”

In addition, Kim Jae-rong described himself as a ‘beneficiary of prejudice’. He said, “The comedians will sympathize. People lowered their expectations with a preconceived notion that ‘comedians will do funny things.’ So I was surprised when I showed a sincere appearance.”

We also talked about the most memorable stage. Ahn Seong-joon chose ‘Sunset Day’. He said, “The training period was short. After playing the medley stage, I had to win, but I was able to do the next stage. So, I was focused on the medley, so I couldn’t practice ‘Sunset Day’ well. I couldn’t remember the day of the last rehearsal. I wanted to, but after singing that song, I felt like a sunrise day would come.” Kim Jae-rong laughed when he said, “I remember the stage I did at the Galgali small theater 17 years ago.”

Lastly, Ahn Seong-jun said, “It was so nice that the two were warmly treated. I want to see you again”, and Kim Jae-rong said, “It’s really nice to meet my colleagues even though it’s not a gag stage.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s entertainment program ‘The People of Trot’ ended on the 8th of last month.


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