‘Hush’ Hwang Jung-min x Im Yoon-ah, will the truth be revealed beyond silence

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hwang Jung-min and Im Yoon-ah of ‘Hush’ gave the points of watching and the final greetings ahead of the final episode.

JTBC Friday and Saturday drama ‘Hush’ (director Choi Kyu-sik, playbook Kim Jung-min, production Keyeast, JTBC studio) has only two episodes left until the end. ‘Hush’ brought a pleasant laughter and wide empathy through the wage earning life of salaried reporters, and attracted favorable reviews from viewers.

From the 4050-old generation represented by Han Joon-hyuk (played by Hwang Jung-min) to the 2030 young generation generation, such as ‘a young person’ Lee Ji-soo (played by Im Yoon-ah), the appearance of those burning passionate passion in the cold reality was not much different from ours.” Like Lee Ji-soo’s motto of “Earning is more important than journalism,” she gave warm consolation and support for a life that endured and endured with all her best in each place today to survive.

Above all, the synergy and hot acting of actors such as Hwang Jung-min, Lim Yun-ah, Son Byeong-ho, Kim Won-hae, Lee Seung-jun, Yoo Sun, and Jung Jun-won shined. It caused ‘overimmersion’ by drawing more lively and detailed characters that could be present everywhere. Han Joon-hyuk and Lee Ji-soo, who shouted “hotly breaking through” with a desire to uncover the truth beyond silence, were dazzling, and a member of ‘HUSH’ who promises to keep fair opportunities and prices for all ‘unskilled’ in the world), Kim Ki-ha (Lee Seung-jun), Yang Yoon-gyeong (Yoo Sun), and Choi Gyeong-woo (Jung Jun-won) showed off their perfect teamwork. Na Seong-won (played by Son Byung-ho), Park Myung-hwan (played by Kim Jae-cheol), and Yoon Sang-gyu (played by Lee Ji-hoon), each of the three official ‘Billons’ of Korea, who faced the tense confrontation with them, adjusted the tension and added fun.

Hwang Jung-min overwhelmed the home theater with a different level of presence. Hwang Jung-min, who led the main axis of the play, depicting the changes of Joon-Hyuk Han, a reporter who has more days to catch cue than a pen, said, “Laughing, crying, and empathizing with all the actors, staff, and above all, watching Han Jun-hyuk and the members of ‘HUSH’ Thank you to the viewers.”

The big picture of Joon-Hyuk Han, who entered the planning and control room on the 15th floor with a sudden blackening appearance, is still unpredictable. It is repeating reversal with an unknown move. “Han Joon-hyuk’s struggle to uncover the truth behind the silence continues. As expected, the members of ‘HUSH’ accept the sincerity of Joon-Hyuk Han, who believed that it was betrayal, and please see if they can unite again.” He pointed out the points of the final episode, saying, “The remaining 15 episodes, 16 I also ask for a live shooter.”

Im Yoon-ah wrote down the growing period of Lee Ji-soo, a ‘survival’ intern, with her acting even more. “I can’t feel it because it’s already over. Just as Ji-soo has achieved growth every time, I also learned a lot as Im Yoon-ah through this work, and I was able to grow one span.” Through the death of his motive Oh Soo-yeon (played by Kyung Soo-jin), Lee Ji-soo, who faced the unfamiliarity and absurd reality of Korea every day, took a step as a true reporter through painful growth pains.

Im Yoon-ah, who has firmly established herself as an actress who believes in Lee Ji-soo’s strong and courageous charm, and sees them as a hot actress, said, “I feel a little consolation and sympathy to those who are living hard in their respective seats in any way. I sincerely hope that the heart I wanted to convey reached the viewers.”

Meanwhile, in the last broadcast, Han Jun-hyuk and Lee Ji-soo faced a new truth. It is noteworthy whether Han Joon-hyuk can uncover the truth of Oh Soo-yeon’s death, which was sealed deep in the secret vault of President Park Myung-hwan, and Lee Ji-soo, the truth of ‘fake news’ that led to the death of her father Lee Yong-min (played by Park Yoon-hee). The 15th episode of ‘HUSH’, with only two episodes left until the end, will be broadcast on JTBC at 11 pm on the 5th (Fri).

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