Julien Kang “Ma Dong-seok, No. 1 in the entertainment industry”… 2nd place?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Julien Kang has taken the ranks of male celebrities fighting.

MBC’s entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 3rd, featured in the special feature of ‘The Crime Comes Down’ featuring Kwon In-ha, Park Seon-ju, Julien Kang, Lee Nalchi Kwon Song-hee, and Shin Yu-jin.

On this day, MC Kim Gu-ra asked Julien River about the ‘entertainment fight rank’. Accordingly, Julien ranked Ma Dong-seok, Lee Je-yoon, Yoon Hyeong-bin, Kim Jong-guk, and Kang Ho-dong.

Accordingly, the MCs asked for the ranking of the Julien Kang, and the Julien River avoided the answer by saying “What am I?” Kim Kook-jin interpreted it as “Is it enough to count this. It is above it”, and Julien drew attention because he did not deny it.

About the reason why Kang Ho-dong was ranked 5th, he said, “I don’t know about wrestling, but in the past, I competed with (Kang Ho-dong) in an arts and sports program. At the same time, he said, “I think Ho-dong told me to edit it,” he said and laughed.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture
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