‘Leave KBS’ Do Gyeong-wan, ‘The Trot Show’ MC

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Announcer Do Gyeong-wan, who recently leaps to freelance after leaving KBS, is starting his first move as an MC on the trot chart show ‘The Trot Show’.

Do Gyeong-wan was selected as the MC of the first SBS FiL and SBS MTV trot chart shows ‘The Trot Show’ that will be aired on the 10th. Do Gyeong-wan said, “I am happy to be in charge of the MC of my favorite ‘trot’ program after becoming a freelancer, and the part that trot singers provide their own songs to fans has touched me.”

‘The Trot Show’, which was recorded on the 3rd, is said to have a gorgeous lineup as well as a powerful stage and laughter, making people look forward to the chart show in the future.

‘The Trot Show’ is a differentiating point in that it stands on the stage with your own song released under your name. ‘The Trot Show’ is broadcast live on a monthly basis, and the trot ranking is calculated through various methods such as one month’s sound source score and voting.

The first broadcast consisting of various stages without charts and votes will be broadcast at 9 pm on the 10th.


Do Gyeong-wan leaps to a freelance broadcaster. Provided|SBS FiL

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