Lucy announces new single ‘Inside’ on the 16th… Inner energetic

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The band LUCY will release a new single album on the 16th.

Lucy revealed the album cover and release plan through the official SNS, and announced that she will release her third single album ‘INSIDE’ on the 16th.

Lucy’s new single ‘Inside’ is an album that contains an undisclosed inner story and sings about the energetic and warmth rising from the inside.

As the album cover image shows a refreshing and hopeful atmosphere with fantasy elements such as spaceships and planets and the use of colorful colors, Lucy delivers hope and comfort with her own positive energy.

According to the release plan, various contents such as lyric art, concept photos, track preview, and music video teaser will be released sequentially, starting with the track list on the 5th.

After taking runner-up in ‘Super Band’ in 2019, Lucy officially debuted in May last year with the band’s first single ‘DEAR.’ Afterwards, the band released mini album ‘PANORAMA’ in August and the second single ‘Sleep’ in November, and has presented Lucy’s unique sound. In particular, ‘Panorama’ title song ‘Jogging’ was selected as ‘2020 Best K-Pop 20’ by US Billboard critics, proving its musicality and potential as a next-generation band.

Starting with ‘Blooming’ in spring, ‘Jogging’ in the summer, ‘Nap’ in the fall, and ‘Inside’ in winter, the new single ‘Inside’ is being held before 6pm on the 16th. You can meet them through the music site.

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