‘Radio Star’ Park Seon-ju “Kim Jong-min ran away during vocal training…waiting”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Vocal trainer Park Seon-ju released an episode related to Kim Jong-min.

MBC’s entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, broadcast on the 3rd, was decorated with a special feature of ‘Being Down’, and special MC Haha, guests Kwon In-ha, Park Seon-ju, Julien Kang, and Lee Nalchi’s Kwon Song-hee and Shin Yu-jin appeared.

Park Seon-ju, the first generation vocal trainer in Korea. She said, “I made the word vocal trainer,” and “I have 20,000 students.” Hearing this, Haha said, “That means you made 20,000 people cry,” and laughed.

Afterwards, Park Seon-ju recalled the student who had been punished the most. She mentioned DJ DOC’s Kim Chang-yeol and Cool Lee Jae-hoon and said, “These guys are very good, but they didn’t practice and ran away.”

Kim Gu-ra said, “There was a disciple who was still avoiding him until recently.” Park Seon-ju confessed, “There are only two disciples who escaped from class. But one came back right away. It’s Kim Chang-yeol.”

She said, “At that time, Kim Jong-min was active as a backdancer. When I came to get training, he didn’t practice well. When I asked ‘why’, he said, ‘I came from the company. My company ordered me to join a vocal training.'”

She also said, “I taught really hard with the thought of ‘I will change your life’. 

Meanwhile, ‘Radio Star’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 10:20 pm.


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