Shin Joo-ah “The first day of self-quarantine, international couples are difficult”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Shin Joo-ah the wife of Thai conglomerate shared the current status of self-isolation.

On the 3rd, Shin Joo-ah posted a post on his Instagram on the 3rd, saying, “Boring on the 1st day… Sighs… It’s hard for international couples #Hey, everyone who quarantines” and several videos.

In the released video, Shin Joo-ah is living in self-isolation while wearing a gown at a hotel. Shin Joo-ah sighed and revealed the frustration of her isolation life. Nevertheless, his innocent and elegant beauty stands out.

Meanwhile, Shin Joo-ah married Rachanakhun, a second-year-old Thai conglomerate and businessman in 2014.

PhotoㅣShin Joo-A SNS

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