‘True Beauty’ today (4th) ending, Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo’s impressions of a “very happy time”

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tvN ‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop directly thank the viewers for their passionate love at the end to raise interest.

tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘True Beauty’ (play Lee Si-eun, director Kim Sang-hyup) had excitement, emotion, and laughter in the home theater this winter before the final episode broadcast. Moon Ga-young (as Lim Ju-kyung), Cha Eun-woo (as Lee Su-ho), Hwang In-yeop (Han Seo-jun) In addition to the end of the show), the behind-the-scenes still has been released to appease regrets.

Moon Ga-young, who captivated viewers with a lovely and lively hot performance by playing the role of ‘Lim Ju-kyung’, who overcame her appearance complex, said, “I don’t think it’s like ‘True Beauty’ is the end because I have been filming for nearly 7 months. It was a very happy and enjoyable time to meet good seniors, teachers, and friends. Now, I am very sorry that I have to prepare for the breakup.” Above all, it seems that Ju-kyung cared for me a lot and supported me a lot, which helped me a lot. I will greet you in a better way.”

Along with this, Cha Eun-woo, who made women’s hearts shake with her acting power and sweet charm, played the role of ‘Lee Su-ho’, a cold-looking man with a selfish gene, said, “It seems like yesterday that I first met Su-ho last summer, but the time to break up is already approaching. While living as Su-ho, I also experienced a lot of things, grew up, and had a happy time.” He said, “There are so many people who worked hard from summer to winter. Thank you again to the director and writer, as well as the actors and all the staff. I was happy to work together. I would like to express my gratitude to the viewers who have watched ‘True Beauty’ so far and loved Su-ho. I will continue to grow and strive to become Cha Eun-woo. Thank you!”

Hwang In-yeop, who has been reborn as a rising star by playing the role of ‘Han Seo-jun’, a wild horse with perfect physicality, is a rising star. He said, “I think it will be an unforgettable and precious memory for you to give me a lot of beauty and love for me,” he said. “I think I will feel a long lingering after reminiscing about Seo-jun for quite some time. I also really liked the character Han Seo-jun, and as I showed it with all my heart, every day I shoot was a happy and joyful moment. ‘True Beauty’ now takes a period, but it would be nice if it was remembered as a drama like a pretty memory that can be recalled from time to time even after a lot of time has passed. We will do our best to show you a good image in the future, so please wait a bit. Once again, thank you for loving ‘True Beauty’.”

In the stills released along with this, the last script authentication shots of Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop, along with the harmonious and pleasant atmosphere of the scene, capture the attention. Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo, and Hwang In-yeop, who are together during breaks, such as monitoring together and teaching how to make dumplings, make the clown ascend to heaven. In addition, from Lim Se-mi (as Lim Hee-gyeong), Oh Eui-sik (as Han Jun-woo), Park Ho-san (as Lim Jae-pil), Jang Hye-jin (as Hong Hyeon-suk), Kim Min-ki (as Lim Ju-young), Park Yoo-na (as Kang Su-jin), Kang Min-ah (as Choi Soo-ah), and Lee Il-jun (as Yoo Tae-hoon) ), Lee Sang-jin (played by Ahn Hyun-gyu), Lee Woo-je (played by Kim Cho-rong), Kim Hyun-ji (played by Kim Si-hyun), and other actors who are in full bloom make the viewers smile, and on the last episode of ‘True Beauty’ broadcasted on the night of today (4th) It raises expectations for it.

On the other hand, in the 15th episode, after Seo-jun confessed to Ju-kyung about the heart he had for three years, Ju-kyung and Su-ho, who reunited like fate, were drawn. In particular, the moment the end of the eye contact with Su-ho, Seo-jun, who hugged Ju-kyung more tightly as if not letting go of her eyes, and Su-ho’s stiff expression intersected, giving a feeling of tension. Accordingly, interest is growing as to what kind of ending the ‘True Beauty’ will show.

TVN drama ‘True Beauty’, based on the popular webtoon of the same name, has a complex appearance and then became a goddess through ‘makeup’, and Suho (played by Cha Eun-woo), who has a wounded male mother, meet and meet each other. A romantic comedy that restores self-esteem by sharing secrets. The final episode will air at 10:30 pm on Thursday the 4th.



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