Chinese actress Gao Liu, nose necrosis due to plastic surgery

Chinese star Gao Liu. Photo I Gao Liu Weibo

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Chinese star Gao Liu reported that her nose had died due to a plastic surgery side effect. “I can’t recover forever,” she said, saying she was upset.

Gao Liu told Weibo on the 2nd, in a long article, “I lost my job because of the nose surgery I did because I wanted to be pretty, and I want to die.”

She said, “I am a singer and actor who graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. I was not very successful, but I was working smoothly. It was a nose surgery to make it more beautiful, but I didn’t even dream that this would start a nightmare. I performed a nose surgery at a plastic surgery clinic in Guangzhou at the end of October of last year, and in this process, I had the side effect of necrosis of the tip of my nose.”

After the operation, she received reoperation at the plastic surgery clinic, but there was no cure, and after four days of hospitalization, he was transferred to a large hospital in Guangzhou.

She said, “After the right time for treatment, my nose has reached a point where I can’t recover forever. I promised to appear in two dramas in December and January, but due to the surgery, my nose was necrotized and the work was compensated for 2 million. I have to ask for yuan (about 347 million won).”

Although the hospital that performed plastic surgery was asked to pay the compensation, the hospital is known to have responded that it can compensate for the cost of recovering the nose, but cannot compensate for the compensation for the work.

Gao Liu confessed, “I can’t control myself enough to repeatedly get the urge to jump out of my house on the 9th floor after surgery. My celebrity life seems to be over now.”

Photo I Goryu Weibo

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