‘Cultwo Show’ Jason “Hong Hyun-hee never hesitate on buying something”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won on Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Cultwo Show’ Jason talked about Hong Hyun-hee’s purchasing habit.

On the afternoon of the 5th, SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’, aired on SBS Power FM, Jason talked about economy with Park Seong-kwang, the special DJ.

On this day, Jason talked about Hong Hyun-hee’s economic concept. He said, “(Hong Hyeon-hee) is like my father. If she feels good, she generously buy something for me” DJ Park Seong-kwang, who heard this, said, “Hong Hyeon-hee is more suited to purchasing something at a time.”

DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “Hong Hyun-hee did not go to a pharmaceutical company in the past. So I think he will be meticulous.” Jason said, “I don’t talk about pharmaceutical companies very well. It seems that there is a dark history. Since I became a comedian, I think there is a dark history. I don’t take savings. When I pick up savings, they say that money doesn’t come in very well.”

Meanwhile, Jason married comedian Hong Hyun-hee in 2018.


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