ENHYPEN hosts fan meeting just two months after since debut… What are the expected points?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group ENHYPEN’s debut first fan meeting ‘2021 ENHYPEN FANMEETING’ came one day ahead.

On the 6th and 7th, Nhyphen will hold a fan meeting ‘2021 ENHYPEN FANMEETING ‘EN-CONNECT’ at Blue Square Mastercard Hall (formerly iMarket Hall) in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

We pointed out the expectation points of ‘2021 ENHYPEN FANMEETING’, which is attracting attention from ENGENEs (ENHYPEN’s fan community name) around the world.

Super-fast encounter with #ENGENE…the first fan meeting in about two months of debut

ENHYPEN, who achieved its dream of debuting on November 30 last year through the selection of fans around the world, has consistently communicated with engines through various channels under the modifier of “global fan maid group.” In response to the aspirations and expectations of fans around the world ENHYPEN held ‘2021 ENHYPEN FANMEETING ‘EN-CONNECT’ about two months after their debut, and made a ‘high-speed meeting’ with the engine.

This fan meeting will be held for two days, which contains the meaning of ENHYPEN’s gratitude and love for the engine. The two-day offline performances are conducted in thorough compliance with the guidelines for distance between audiences based on the quarantine guidelines of the government and local governments. In particular, the 7th event can also be met through online live streaming, and a special time to connect with engines around the world will unfold.

#The first stage announcement… ENGENE high expectations

At this fan meeting, ENHYPEN is planning to fascinate the engines by showing a unique modest performance through the title song ‘Given-Taken’ of the debut album ‘BORDER: DAY ONE’ and the track stage. In addition, through a variety of programs that target the tastes of fans, N-Hyphen shows off a variety of charms that cannot be seen on the existing stage.

Earlier, ENHYPEN announced the first unit stage since its debut and raised the fever for the fan meeting. The curiosity of fans around the world is growing as to which members will make up the unit and what dynamic stage they will be decorating.

#Unique enthusiasm of the seven members preparing for the first fan meeting

Before the first fan meeting, ENHYPEN is working hard on practice with extraordinary enthusiasm. On the 3rd, they posted a video titled ‘Sneak Peek of ENHYPEN Fan meeting’ on their official YouTube channel. The seven members in the released video raised expectations for this meeting by releasing a small spoiler while drawing a picture under the theme of ‘Preview Fan Meeting’.

Leader Jung-won said, “It is the first time I meet the engines since my debut, so I am preparing harder than other stages. The expectation and tension we feel ahead of our first meeting must be the same, but I hope everyone has a good time. I want to see you soon.”


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