‘Showterview’ Sung Hoon “I have no intention of getting married. A rumor about my romantic relationship with Park Na-rae is…”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Sung Hoon said that he had no intention of getting married.

Actor Sung Hoon appeared as a guest in the web entertainment ‘Jessi’s Showterview’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Showterview’) of the SBS YouTube ‘Moby Dick’ channel released on the 4th.

On this day, MC Jessi asked, “Who are you most familiar with among the members of ‘I Live Alone?”

Sung Hoon replied, “In fact, at the beginning, the only person I had close to was Na-rae, so I was best friends with Na-rae. Nowadays, I seem to see Si-eon frequently with his brother and Gian84.”

When Jessi asked, “You had a dating rumor with Park Na-rae,” Sung Hoon explained, “That’s how it ended with a happening. I’m very close personally and because I’m very close to friends around me.”

When Jessi suggested a video letter saying, “You may be close all over the place. Please confess here.” Sung Hoon sighed, saying, “Is it another video letter?” “Na-rae. You and I are not uncomfortable with each other. Let’s move on to Happening)” he sent a letter.

Jessi said, “I don’t have a girlfriend, so please openly court here once.” She asked, “Isn’t your brother thinking that way. I think I should marry my next girlfriend.” Sung Hoon confessed, “Basically, I have no intention of getting married now.”

He added, “From the moment I get married, I have another sense of responsibility. In fact, just working my own work now consumes a lot of energy. But, if I don’t know about people and I think I can die instead of this friend, I can do it.” . When Jesse shuddered, “I think there will be an article about my brother’s marriage in 2021,” Sung Hoon blew his eyes, “Hey, Is it curse?”

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon is appearing in the TV Chosun weekend drama ‘Marriage lyricist Divorce Composition’ (screenplay Lim Seong-han, director Yoo Jung-jun, and Lee Seung-hoon) as a lawyer and husband of Bu Hye-ryeong, Pan Sa-hyeon. In MBC’s entertainment show ‘I Live Alone’, they show off their strong friendship with the members.


Photo| YouTube channel ‘Moby Dick’

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