BJ Yangfang, “I will go back to the beginning”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Returning BJ and YouTuber Yangfang (Yang Eun-ji) had an accident-free prayer test.

On the 7th, Yangfang’s YouTube channel posted a video titled ‘This is what a beginner is like’. In the video, Yangfang said, “I’ve been thinking a little bit. I think there is something wrong with this many incidents, so I’m going to go through the exam today.”

Then she said, “I have to salute each time I start broadcasting,” she wrote largely with black magic on one side of the wall with the words ‘Beginner’. Yang Fang looked at the letters and swore, “I, Yang Eun-ji, will pledge not to live a false life today.”

On the other hand, they actually set up an ancient statue. A cake shaped like a pig’s head was also prepared. After preparing for the exam, she changed into hanbok and stood in front of the camera.

Yangfang said, “It’s been 6 years since we started broadcasting. There have been so many incidents and accidents on the way up to now. There have been a lot of incidents and accidents, from unwanted incidents and accidents to what I did wrong. You must have been as hard as me. With this rotten body, and I still felt that it wasn’t enough to change my brain. So, I’m bored, but I’m trying to prepare for a high-level event like this now so that there are no incidents and accidents.”

She said, “It’s a test for my initial conscience and conscience. Everyone, please attend. I will raise a drink.”

Yangfang is a star YouTuber and African TV BJ. She gained so much popularity that she received the women’s grand prize at the 2019 African TV Festival BJ Awards variety, but was engulfed in a back advertisement controversy in October of last year and completely stopped his activities. On the 1st, she returned after posting a video titled ‘Dear Viewers’ on the YouTube channel. She clarified various rumors, such as the controversy on the back advertisement and the suspicion of non-payment of real estate contract payments, as well as confessing that he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder in a psychiatric department.

Yangfang also revealed that it will take legal action against the person concerned in the part affected by defamation in the video.

In response to Yangfang’s return, netizens are reacting with the position of “I have to be self-sufficient again” and “Welcome back. I have suffered a lot”.

Photo| YouTube channel’Yangfang’

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