‘Cine Town’ Director Hong Ji-young “I’m the first love of Yoon Jung-soo”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Hong Ji-young revealed that she was the first love partner of comedian Yoon Jung-soo.

In SBS Power FM’s ‘Park Ha-sun’s Cine Town’ (hereinafter ‘Cine Town’), which aired on the 8th, Hong Ji-young of the movie ‘New Year Blues’ and actor Lee Dong-hui appeared as guests and talked.

On this day, a listener sent a story to director Hong Ji-young, saying, “Comeman Yoon Jung-soo said that I was his first love.” Director Hong drew a line saying, “Jung-su’s first love is me, but my first love is not Yoon Jung-su.”

The two said they were elementary school classmates. In particular, the nickname ‘French doll’ attracted attention by saying that Yoon Jung-soo gave it to her. Director Hong said, “At that time, I was white and my eyes were round, so I think my friends looked at me like that.”

When asked, “Did you notice Yoon Jung-soo’s heart when you were young,” Director Hong said, “Yoon Jung-soo is still the same right now” and said, “There is an action that elementary school boys do when they like it. They linger around.”

Meanwhile, ‘New Year Blues’ is a movie about a romantic week of four couples overcoming different fears ahead of the new year. It will be released on the 10th.


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