Dentist Lee Su-jin “I was haunted by depression. I felt that I should have to dive into Han River”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Su-jin, a dentist and broadcaster, boasted an honest talk.

On the 7th, a video titled ‘Last year.. I felt that I should have to dive into Han River..’ was posted on ‘Lee Su-jin’, a YouTube channel run by Lee Su-jin.

On this day, she had a Q&A time with fans. First of all, when asked “did you have double eyelid surgery,” Lee Su-jin honestly confessed, “When I was young, I had a pair of eyes. Every time I put on makeup, I was always worried. So, when I was a college student, I had to pay for books and had surgery.”

When asked, “What is the standard of living hard?” Lee Su-jin said, “In the past, I had to build a very large building unconditionally, and I thought that my appearance of tape cutting when the building was raised was the result of my success. I am working hard in my religious life now, but I wanted to live a life that pleases God according to God’s will. Starting at age 50, the standard of life has changed.”

She also talked about the types of men women shouldn’t meet. Lee Su-jin said, “A man who gambles, a man who beats her, a man who swears, a man who cares about others,” and he said, “You have to be polite to everyone. A man who acts like this aunt who does chores, lifts luggage, and cleans is a humanity.”

Also, Lee Su-jin said, “Originally, a man is very sweet until a year or so. Until then, let’s live together, give birth to a baby, and all plans come up. It’s like giving all her fortune. But we broke up in the middle. “You don’t have to be scared of people. There’s another good person. Imagine that this is a shit car and a Mercedes is coming. You have to empty the parking window for Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini to come in.”

Lee Su-jin said, “I had a concussion because my youngest cat injured the head by my mistake. I had to find a blood vessel to lower my brain pressure, but I couldn’t find the blood vessel because it was too baby. Originally, I went to church to sleep, but I fell on my stomach and fell asleep. I prayed. From that day on, if I only went to church, I cried.”

She said, “Last year, when I was very depressed with depression, my body went to the Han River and it seemed that someone was pulling me out of the Han River. I don’t want to open my eyes tomorrow morning, I don’t want to live, I really wanted to die, but the words that come to mind at that moment are, ‘God loves me. He added, “I thought I wanted to study the Bible.”

Lee Su-jin is a graduate of the Seoul National University School of Dentistry and currently operates a dentistry in Seoul. She is also a YouTuber as the owner of the beautiful face.

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