‘Launched in Korea’ Spotify “Pay service, judged to be a reasonable price for the value”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The world’s largest audio source streaming platform, ‘Spotify’, which started official service in Korea, explained the background of removing the free service in Korea.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Media Day to commemorate the launch of Spotify Korea service was held via online streaming. Park Sang-wook, the managing director of Spotify Korea, who came out as a presenter on the day, mentioned Spotify’s vision and potential through Q&A to various questions.

Manager Park Sang-wook said, “We think we have set a price that is reasonable enough for the value,” saying, “We think that we have set a price that is reasonable enough for the value” regarding the fact that the ad-based free music playback function, which is one of the core features of Spotify, is omitted.”

Manager Park Sang-wook said, “Korea also tried to provide reasonable options according to the circumstances of the music industry. For example, the Premium Duo Plan is a system that was not available in the domestic music streaming market, and two people each provided their own account for an amount of 8,000 won. You can use it.”

Manager Park Sang-wook said, “In the case of the free option, the goal is to allow all users to listen to the sound source globally. We will continue to prepare various situations according to that part.” “Judge our service only by price. I want you to experience it first and then judge it.”

Spotify is a music streaming platform with a vast catalog of music that more than 320 million people enjoy. Through this launch, Spotify will introduce innovative personalization technology services to Korea that have made it the world’s largest music streaming platform, including more than 60 million tracks and more than 4 billion playlists.


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