Seo Young-hee X Kim Min-jae X Song Sae-byeok, Recontracted to Studio Santa Claus [Official]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Studio Santa Claus, a collection of representative Korean acting actors, continues a strong relationship by signing renewal contracts with actors Seo Young-hee, Kim Min-jae, and Song Sae-byeok based on their strong trust.

Studio Santa Claus, a comprehensive entertainment company, has a reputation as a company that maintains exclusive contracts for a long period of time for most of its actors, and is regarded as an exemplary case in the domestic management industry.

First of all, Seo Young-hee has been dating from the predecessor of Studio Santa Claus. After that, she made a strong position as an actress by leaving a strong impression through his activities going back and forth between the screen and the CRT. In particular, as Seo Young-hee and Studio Santa Claus had been in their heyday, they are more interested in the powerful leap forward to be shown.

Subsequently, Kim Min-jae steadily visited the audience and viewers, confirming his progressive acting ability regardless of the genre of each work. In addition, starting with a relationship with Studio Santa Claus, he created strong filmography by creating unique life characters, as well as being honored with an award through ‘2020 AAA (Asian Artist Awards)’ last year. Accordingly, the accompaniment of Kim Min-jae and Studio Santa Claus, who have established themselves as a character maker in the name and reality, is more noticeable.

In addition, Song Sae-byeok has consistently met the audience by appearing in numerous works with his unique breath and unrivaled presence. After making a relationship with Studio Santa Claus, in the first drama ‘My Mister’, he was decomposed into a loyal and pure Park Ki-hoon (played by Song Sae-byeok) and drew favorable reviews from viewers. Here, in the drama ‘Spirit possession’, he successfully digested the roles of two characters.

Studio Santa Claus’s ‘trust’, which has consistently connected with so many actors, has become an example both inside and outside the industry. At the peak of a long and long relationship, not only the stickiness between senior and junior actors, but also the management system that draws out the potential and goes through the whole process also plays its part.

Meanwhile, Seo Young-hee announced that she would film the SBS drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’, and Kim Min-jae is scheduled to meet the audience with the movie ‘Firefighter’ and Song Sae-byeok with the movie ‘Special Song’.

Photo provided by Studio Santa Claus

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