Yang Joon-hyuk’s crass comments about ‘wife’s ransom’ continue

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk’s remarks to his wife Park Hyun-seon have been controversial for the second day.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘House Husband 2′, aired on the 6th, Yang Joon-hyuk and Park Hyun-seon held a party before the wedding.

On this day, many of Yang Joon-hyuk’s friends were curious about the proposal ring and asked to show it. Park Hyun-seon showed the ring she was wearing on her finger, and Yang Joo-hyuk explained, “This is real.”

Park Hyun-sun also boasted of the luxury bag she gave her. Yang Joon-hyuk said, “I gave you a bag and a necklace,” he said. “Yes, this is more expensive than your ransom.”

Friends were embarrassed by Yang Joon-hyuk’s remarks, saying, “It’s a big deal,” but Park Hyun-seon amazed those who exposed, saying, “If felt loses when my husband said, it’s called divorce.”

After the broadcast, viewers pointed out that the remarks of Yang Joon-hyuk, who compared the luxury bag to the wife’s ransom, were inappropriate.

The netizens who watched the broadcast showed discomfort in Yang Joon-hyuk’s remarks, such as “It’s too far to be a joke”, “I feel like I’m ignoring my wife”, “I felt like a woman with a lot of age difference.”


Photo|’Salimnam2’ broadcast screen capture

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