Yoon Jung-hee’s aide “Paek Kun-woo is embarrassed by a groundless rumor”

Yoon Jung-hee and Paik Kun-woo. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

In a petition by the Blue House that the pianist Paik Kun-woo (75) is leaving his wife, actress Yoon Jung-hee (77), who suffered from dementia in France, alone, Paik’s side refuted it, and explained that the couple’s close friends were unfounded.

On the 5th, in the Blue House national petition, a message stating “Please save the movie star *** who is severing from the outside and falling from day to day,” was excommunicated. Yoon Jung-hee was speculated as saying, “Unless the spouse and daughter are cared for, she is lonely and is struggling with Alzheimer’s and diabetes.” In response, her husband Pianist Paik Kun-woo said through his agency on the 7th. I am living under warm care.” It also revealed that it was concluded with the final ruling of the Paris High Court on the guardianship issue.

CBS radio ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ broadcasted on the morning of the 8th (Seoul, Gyeonggi 98.1MHz) interviewed a longtime acquaintance who had known with the couple of Paik Kun-woo and Yoon Jung-hee for 23 years.

Lee acquaintance, who said, “We met very close for about 23 years and now have various events together,” said anchor Kim Hyun-jung, who asked about Paik Kun-woo’s reaction to the petition, “(Paik Kun-woo) was so embarrassed. There is something completely different about the petition, so you are embarrassed and embarrassed.”

An acquaintance asked, “Is it true that Yoon Jung-hee is left alone in an apartment outside France, isolated from the outside, and is living a prison-like life?” “It is completely different from the data received from Paik Kun-woo and it is not true. Too liar. Last fall, I received photos of my family members at a restaurant on the birthday of Yoon Jung-hee last fall and a family party at Christmas.”

“There is only one thing I agree with in the petition,” said an acquaintance, saying, “I look 20 years older than my age.” Even if it wasn’t 20 years old, since Yoon Jung-hee is only at home due to illness, she looks like a gray-haired grandma without decorating it.”

Regarding the controversy that Yoon Jung-hee, who is fighting Alzheimer’s disease, was neglected, an acquaintance said, “A day the caregiver says that a nurse, a Chinese carer, and another person comes at 5pm. I haven’t seen (Paik Kun-woo and Yoon Jung-hee) for two years. “Isn’t Paik Kun-woo lied to me?” he asked.

The acquaintance said, “Mr. Paik Kun-woo said he will be coming to Korea on the 10th. No matter what kind of interview you come. It’s not a press conference, but he said he would reveal his position.”

After Paik’s position through the agency, attention is focused on the story to be revealed.

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