2F Shin Yong-jae x Kim Won-ju, released today (9th)’Replay’ OST ‘The Hidden Star’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

2F will be the third runner of the web drama ‘Replay’ OST.

The third OST of the web drama ‘Replay’ sung by ‘Luxury Vocal Duo’ 2F, ‘The Hidden Star’, will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 9th.

‘The Hidden Star’ is a theme song by the male protagonist, Chan-young (played by Kim Min-cheol). One day, Ha-young (Mi-yeon), a livelihood musician who lives with a loss of motivation, appears one day, his first love, Ha-young (played by Mi-yeon) as fate. It is a song that contains.

In particular, this song stands out with the emotional voice of 2F, which conveys emotions calmly while making full use of the technique of going back and forth between falsehood and truth. Here, the dynamic arrangement that is becoming more and more splendid is the point, and the explosive vocal power of Shin Yong-jae and Kim Won-ju express Chan-young’s feeling in the drama and creates an exquisite harmony with the drama.

2F is a new vocal duo created by Korea’s leading vocalists Shin Yong-jae and Kim Won-ju, who were active as four men. 2F, which launched its first single ‘A Fall Night in November 2020’ in November of last year, is actively communicating with fans through its YouTube channel.

The web drama ‘Replay’ is a sympathetic romance that contains the dreams and love of the eighteen youth, who were the most innocent, although everything was clumsy and uneasy. (G)I-dle’s Mi-yeon, SF9 Hwi-young, actors Kim Min-cheol, Marco, and Choi Ji-soo starring before airing, ‘Replay’, a full version of the previous car consisting of 120 minutes of running time, is a domestic OTT platforms.

‘Replay’ is released every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM through the official YouTube channel ‘LIKE THAT’ starting on the 26th of last month, and each episode is unfolding a fresh and exciting first love story. ‘Replay’, which is aired not only in Korea but also on platforms around the world (Rakuten Vicky, Hello Live TV in Japan and China), is attracting explosive interest from global fans.

On the other hand, the third OST of ‘Replay’ in which 2F (Shin Yong-jae, Kim Won-ju) participated, ‘The Hidden Star’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 9th.


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