‘Kang Ho-dong’s food’ Park Eun-seok “I first met Lee Ji-ah in ‘Athena’ 11 years ago…She didn’t remember me”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Kang Ho-dong’s food’, actor Park Eun-seok recalled the moment when he first met Lee Ji-ah.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘Kang Ho-dong’s food’, which aired on the 8th, actor Park Eun-seok of the SBS drama ‘Penthouse’ appeared.

On this day, Kang Ho-dong asked Park Eun-seok, “When will the full-fledged TV appearances begin?” Park Eun-seok was lucky to say, “I appeared as a minor role in ‘Athens: Goddess of War’ 11 years ago.”

Lee Ji-ah, who played the role of the National Intelligence Service in the play, appeared on the drama with Cha Seung-won and Park Eun-seok, who appeared as members of the terrorist group. Park Eun-seok, who recalled the confrontation situation at the time, explained, “When Cha Seung-won said ‘Shoot a missile’ at me, Ji-ah said, ‘Get your hands off the laptop.’ At that time, I acted a spy who is killed by Ji-ah.”

“At that time, he said, “There was only one special costume, and you shouldn’t be NG. It was my first TV appearance, but I was noticing it, but I was acting in time to die. I was so nervous.”

Park Eun-seok also said, “I was shot by Ji-ah at that time, and she was hit with a pen nib after 11 years. I keep getting hit by her.” “She didn’t remember that moment.”

Meanwhile, ‘Kang Ho-dong’s Food’ is broadcast every Monday at 9 PM.


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