Lee Sung-kyung, the charm of femme fatal

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

A special pictorial of actor Lee Sung-kyung has been released.

On the 8th, Lee Sung-kyung released a pictorial full of oriental mood through her agency YG Entertainment and focused her attention.

Lee Sung-kyung in the pictorial completed a unique atmosphere with sensuous poses and expressions. The tone-down green jacket and leather shorts give off a chic feeling, while wearing a flower stem patterned outfit, showing off mystical beauty.

In another image, the red lip and red heel were used as points to give intensity, or the elegant black dress showed a smooth movement as if drawing a curve.

In particular, this pictorial was made by Lee Sung-kyung, stylist, hair, makeup artist, and photographer working together with one heart, so it was more special.

It is said that the joyful energy felt in the field was great as the work was carried out freely according to the mood of the day without a set frame. Lee Sung-kyung and the staff exchange opinions with each other every time they shoot, constantly worrying, and they do not hesitate to try new things and show off a fantastic breath.

This pictorial, where you can check Lee Sung-kyung’s other faces and charms that have never been seen, can be found on the YG STAGE Naver Post and Instagram channel. In addition, the making video containing the photobook production process can be viewed on Lee Sung-kyung’s personal YouTube channel.


Lee Sung-kyung. PhotoslYG Entertainment

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