‘Love on the Air’ Lee Man-gi, finds his second mother

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Who is the benefactor Lee Man-gi, Emperor of the Ssireum, will definitely want to meet again?

On the 10th, KBS2 ‘Love on the Air’, which is broadcast as a special feature on the 10th, will appear as a client of Korean Ssireum legend Lee Man-gi.

In the past, Ssireum enjoyed explosive popularity so that the 9 o’clock news was pushed back 40 minutes for live broadcasts, and his game was so popular that many have tried to buy game tickets even in dark market.

Among them, Lee Man-gi is a living legend in the world of Ssireum, who has won a total of 49 times, starting with the first Cheonhajangsa, 10 times of Cheonhajangsa, 18th Baekdujangsa, 7th Hallajangsa, 14 other competitions.

Kim Won-hee, who had a relationship through an entertainment in the past, heard Lee Man-gi’s record on this day, and then suddenly apologized, saying, “I’m sorry for the carelessness,” and made laughter.

On the other hand, Lee Man-gi, who reigned as the most popular sports star of the time, is scheduled to release a collection of wild 80s TV commercials, which will bring back memories of those days.

On this day, Lee Man-gi said that he wanted to find someone who became his ‘second mother’ in Masan from the countryside. He expressed his desperate desire to meet him again, saying, “It was the driving force of the strength that allowed him to become a leader of the world,” making him curious about what was the story.

Lee Man-gi’s story in search of his second mother can be seen at 8:30 pm on the 10th in ‘Love on the Air’.


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