‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won x Lee Da-hee visited Lee Hae-young

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won is on the inspection table.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” (written by Chun Sung-il, directed by Kim Hong-sun) captured the unusual atmosphere of Ji-oh(Kim Rae-won) and Goo-reum(Lee Da-hee) looking at each other coldly and sadly on the 9th. At the same time, Ji-oh’s appearance on the inspection table after meeting Professor Oh Jong-hwan (Lee Hae-young) is also revealed, raising questions.

Ji-oh and Goo-reum, intertwined with irresistible fate, began tracing the past to find the truth in their lost memories. Ji-oh and Goo-reum, who took a step closer to each other to avoid the fierce pursuit of Lee Son (played by Kim Sung-oh), faced the shocking truth at Uicheon Cathedral where Ji-oh stayed as a child. Sister Stella (Lee Yong-nyeo), who calls Zio a demon and prays close to a scream, and Ji-oh’s outburst of anger shocked beyond the thrilling thrill.

Meanwhile, in the photo released, Ji-oh meets Professor Oh Jong-hwan with Goo-reum and stimulates curiosity. Professor Oh is a hidden helper of Goo-reum and a leading figure in Dr. Ryu Joong-kwon (played by Ahn In-sang) of the Human Tech Institute. In particular, he, who questioned Ji-oh’s DNA, hypothesized that it might be Ryu Joong-kwon’s genetic editing experimental body, and is looking for the missing doctor’s track record. Professor Oh’s inspection team captured Ji-oh. Ji-oh’s eyes and facial expressions lying on the inspection table are full of fear and pain. Goo-reum’s face looking at it is also young with anxiety and sadness, amplifying curiosity about the situation the two are facing.

The different atmosphere of Ji-oh and Goo-reum in the following photo heightens the sense of crisis. Ji-oh’s eyes, which showed hostility to Goo-reum, are cold and sorrowful. Goo-reum also add curiosity as they look at Ji-oh with complex and subtle emotions. The only Goo-reum that Zio remembers when he was chased without knowing who he was. Every moment of crisis, attention is drawn to Ji-oh’s change, which instinctively saved him, relaxed his guard and revealed his inner self.

In the fourth episode, which will air on the 9th, Ji-oh, who faced a shocking past and went wild, will recall another nightmare memory. Therefore, a great change will come to Ji-oh who felt extreme fear and despair. “Some of Ji-oh’s memories are starting to revive, and the development is accelerating,” said to accelerate. “The hidden past of Ji-oh and Goo-reum, which are intertwined with fate that cannot be escaped, will also be revealed,” he added. “Human Tech’s pursuit of Ji-oh will also intensify.”

Meanwhile, the fourth episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” will air at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.



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