‘Navilera’ Park In-Hwan and Song Gang, Transcendence Bromance… First room on March 22

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

TVN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Navilera’ Park In-Hwan and Song Gang’s warm ‘Ballet Priest Duo’ chemistry highlighting two first teaser videos are released, attracting attention.

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Navillera” (written by Lee Eun-mi, directed by Han Dong-hwa), which is set to premiere on March 22, is a children’s duo’s youth record drama about the growth of Deokchul, who started ballet at the age of seventy, and Chae-rok, who wanders in front of his twenty-three dreams. It is expected to be a collaboration between director Han Dong-hwa, who is called the master of human dramas such as “Squad 38” and “Miss Lee”, and writer Lee Eun-mi, who made strong eyes with “Tunnel.”

‘Tunnel’, who are known as masters of . It is a work that raised expectations through the spirit of the artist Lee Eun-mi who took the snow stamp.

In the play, Park In-hwan transforms into a retired postman ‘Deok-chul’ who brings out the dream of ballet he had deeply contained at the end of his life. Song Gang played the role of ‘Chae-rok’, a young man who has a special talent for a ballet that started late, but wanders in an uncomfortable reality. It is known that “disciple” Park In-hwan and “teacher” Song Gang who became one with ballet will show the strongest bromance that transcends generations. Raise your expectations.

In this regard, ‘Navilera’ side attracted attention by releasing 2 types of first teaser videos that warm the heart. In the released video, Song Kang seizes the gaze with a refreshing visual showing a ballet movement with a flexible turn under the blue sky and a line of fingertips. There was a person who was deprived of his attention by Song Kang, so it is Park In-hwan. Park In-hwan’s expression, who looks at Song Kang’s beautiful ballet movements as if he is possessed, gives us a sense of how serious his passion for ballet he has for a long time is.

Following the narration, “Everyone has a moment when they fly,” attention is focused on the appearance of Park In-hwan repeating Song Gang’s ballet movements. It wasn’t until the end of her life that she started flapping her first fresh wings toward ballet. The expectation is amplified by the first broadcast of the transcendental bromance of Song Kang, a young man who is wandering because of the reality, with his grandfather Park In-hwan, who started ballet with courage.

Meanwhile, tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Navilera’ will be aired for the first time on Monday, March 22, 2021.



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