‘100 million annual salary’ Kwak Jung-eun “I have never met a man who earns more than me”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Writer and broadcaster Kwak Jung-eun handed over the tips of a successful career woman.

On the 9th, Kwak Jung-eun’s YouTube channel “Kwak Jung-eun’s Private Life,” a video titled “First release of a billion-year-old sister’s tip!” was uploaded.

On the same day, Kwak Jung-eun sat in the living room and told her about her career. “In fact, none of the men I’ve met in the last 15 years has made any better money than I have. All of them were hard-working men, but I always made more money,” she said.

“I’ve been working for 20 years this year. I’ve been working for 13 years and has been a career you know for the past seven years. I lived in the name of a broadcaster, writer, and lecturer. I want to tell you about my career, which started with a terminal employee and built up my own territory, and thankfully made a lot of money,” she introduced the purpose of the video.

“My house is not rich,” she said. “I was the youngest daughter who grew up in a struggling family. My dad worked hard to earn money and my mom worked nonstop. So I thought a lot about how I could make more money even if I worked for an hour.”

“I majored in English literature, but I went to college without thinking,” Kwak said. “I missed my opportunity for having a double major. But I couldn’t pass the document with just one English literature title. After 61st attempt, he joined the company. It wasn’t the job I really wanted, but I started working with the intention of starting making a living,” she recalled.

“But I got laid off after two and a half years. Although it is not a high competition rate at this time, she joined the company after overcoming the high competition rate, but she was fired from the company. So he said, “It’s a good thing to get paid by an organization, but I think I felt desolate that it’s useless, and the end doesn’t come when I want to.”

“Since then, I’ve joined Cosmopolitan, a magazine I really want to go to. Since then, I think I started to approach money with a different concept. There are three tips I want to give you after going through a series of processes. Never love the company. As I was working at a company, I kept getting involved in other people’s backstabbing. Being loved is not important, but salary is important. “Try to become a man who can hold the power in salary negotiations.

“I did what others wanted to do, as well as what they didn’t want to do. There were many reporters who hesitated because they didn’t want to use sex columns. I found it fun to write a rated-R article, and I thought it was a type of article that broke people’s prejudice, so I said, “That article is more different” when I allocated items without fear. My achievement from doing so was that I became the only reporter-turned-writer to write a love practice among many journalists in the world. A tremendous career expansion has occurred. Since then, they have been contacted by radio and have been able to enter TV. If you are as reluctant as others want you to be, there are times when the flow changes. People who have experience that others have never experienced before grow up. “It is also good for changing jobs and changing jobs, which will have a good effect on the price of a new employee,” she said.

Finally, she said, “Schedule your time to go ahead. The interview I did a lot when I was in a magazine is a female executive interview. This is because it is difficult for women to become executives. There are many articles saying that the glass ceiling is broken, but in numbers, there is no jaw. The career break is serious. Regardless of gender, it is easy to get fired even if you go up hard. It is inevitable that the situation will eventually lead to a situation that will prevent them from holding up. But I think women are more likely to go through such things. So aim for promotion to a certain point, but set a goal to go out and work under my name when you reach a certain point. Actually, it was a little late by the time I received the message to leave the company. I’m telling you to come out when I’m hot first. “We can really grow outside with great momentum only when we come out when our work skills are on fire so that we can’t grow further.”

Kwak Jung-eun said, “I actually did. I was able to come out confidently when the company caught me. When I negotiated with someone for ransom, I was confident that I was a person who contributed several times my salary in the organization, so I was able to “how much” with confidence. You can become a tree-like person who blooms greatly when you collect growth well.
It’s possible. I hope everyone can be precious.”

Meanwhile, Kwak Jung-eun is loved for giving sincere love advice to viewers on KBS Joy’s entertainment show ‘Love Interfere Season 3′. She wrote books such as “A Fine Day Alone” and “Why Are We So Far?”


Photo| YouTube channel’Kwak Jeong-eun’s private life’

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