Director of ‘Double Patty’ “I was surprised by Bae Joo-hyun for meticulous preparation and review”

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Baek Seung-hwan praised the main actor, Irene and Shin Seung-ho.

Director Baek Seung-hwan did not know much about the two actors’ performances before casting them, at the press distribution conference of the movie “Double Patty” (director Baek Seung-hwan) at Lotte Cinema Gundan Entrance in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th. “I saw a lot of clips and saw the possibility of acting.

“Bae Joo-hyun had to take an announcer’s lesson and lead his first acting performance to the main character. She has shown incredibly thorough preparation, review and concentration” Baek Seung-hwan said.

“Shin Seung-ho also went through triplets of training and building his body in addition to acting. Despite Shin Seung-ho’s considerable love of eating, he showed a comparable appearance as a real wrestler while controlling his diet. He is a good actor with animal talent and sincerity in acting.

“It’s my first time greeting you at a preview like this, so I’m nervous and embarrassed to see myself acting on a big screen,” Irene said. “I think it was a time when I was encouraged and comforted by various scenes, including eating shows.”

“Double Patty” (directed by Baek Seung-hwan, produced by Baek Grim) advocates a healing movie with stories that give strength and comfort to each other after a hard day of wrestling hopeful Woo-ram (Shin Seung-ho) and anchor aspirant Hyun-ji(Bae Joo-hyun).

In particular, Irene, who showed off her unrivaled charisma on the stage, will debut on the screen through “Double Patty” under her real name Bae Joo-hyun. Having previously appeared in the web drama “Game Company Female Employees,” she was put to the test as the leading actress who proudly leads the movie.

His role is Lee Hyun-ji, an aspiring anchor who is about to graduate. He is a busy prospective graduate who is preparing for the press exam by working as a babysitter during the day and finishing part-time job at a handmade burger restaurant at night. Hyun-ji, who reads newspapers from dawn and works all day long but does not neglect to study, is a character who does not give up his dream even in the tough reality.

As a cool person who sometimes finishes the day and knows how to enjoy somaek alone at a cold ginseng restaurant, he comes to Woo-ram (Shin Seung-ho), who cleverly finishes double patty 1+1, feels the same sense of homogeneity as him and supports his dream. It expresses a warm youth who can sympathize with and listen to other people’s stories without giving up on their dreams even in the harsh reality of studying and working part-time.

“Double Patty” will be released on February 17.

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