Highlight, Complete V Live for the Lunar New Year… From recent talk to yutnori

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group highlight (HIGHLIGHT) had a pleasant communication with fans.

Highlights (Yang Yo-seop, Lee Ki-gwang, Son Dong-woon, and Yoon Doo-jun) held a live titled ‘HIGHLIGHT Pre-welcoming Lunar New Year’ through the official Naver V LIVE channel on the afternoon of the 9th.

On this day, the highlight appeared in Hanbok for the Lunar New Year. Yoon Doo-jun said, “In fact, I was going to do a group live last Christmas, but I couldn’t. I put up with it, and then I prepared this way.”

Subsequently, the members had a recent talk. Yoon Doo-joon said, “I came to appear because I was in charge of the progress in the ‘Idol Sport Competition’ corner.” Son Dong-woon expressed his affection for the game, saying, “I play more mainly on sub-characters than the main character, Shaman.” In addition, Lee Ki-gwang said, “I’m exercising and tidying up my house these days,” and “I was relieved of stress and was happy.”

Yang Yo-seop said, “Every day is the same. I went to exercise around 12 o’clock, then came home around 2 o’clock, took a nap, came to the practice room or watched TV, and the day ends. Doo-jun recommended the drama ‘Secret Forest’ and I’m watching it. It’s so fun.” It brought on warmth. In response, Yoon Doo-jun replied, “Beyond the ‘Night Age’. ‘The Secret Forest’ is the number one drama in life.” Following that, the members recommended their own life dramas and life movies.

The highlight is’Machi Talk’, which inspires fans’ laughter, while the team divided into Yang Yo-seop x Yoon Doo-jun and Lee Ki-gwang x Son Dong-woon, to start a yutnori game. They performed yutnori on the condition that they did not use foreign words, but due to the continued use of habitual foreign words, they returned to the origin and created another fun.

Yang Yo-seop x Yoon Doo-jun won the game. On this day, at Yoon Doo-jun’s mouth, Son Dong-woon laughed and showed tears. Following the highlight, after having time to communicate with the fans, the live was ended by saying hello in advance.

Meanwhile, the highlight is communicating with fans through various personal activities such as broadcasting and stage. Yang Yo-seop, who recently rose to the ranks of previous singers in MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singers’, raised expectations for a comeback by saying, “I wish I could hear the entire album as soon as possible.”


Photo|Highlight Official V LIVE channel capture

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