Music Cow, Kang Daniel X Ha Sung-woon X Bobby Kim ‘New Year’s holiday lineup revealed’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Music Cow, which can become a copyright fee community with music that you normally listen to, has released a lineup for the Lunar New Year holidays.

Lineups include Jo Kwan-woo ‘Eternal’ on the 8th, Ha Sung-woon ‘Sudden’ on the 9th, Bobby Kim’s ‘One Year as a Day’ on the 10th, Daniel Kang’s ‘2U’ on the 11th, and ‘Star’ on the 12th.

The song released on the first day of the Lunar New Year holidays is Kang Daniel’s ‘2U’, which is predicting a comeback with the recent release of the cover of ‘PARANOIA’. ‘2U’ is one of the representative songs loved by many domestic and foreign fans, including the title track of the ‘CYAN’ album, ranking first in music broadcasting. In the beginning, ‘2U’ was accompanied by a CD signed by Daniel Kang through last year’s Music Cow. It is shared and proved its popularity with a total of over 10,000’weeks’ bid attempts.

Along with this, Bobby Kim’s ‘One Year as a Day’ and Ha Sung-woon’s ‘Suddenly’ are also known as songs among listeners.

An official from Music Cow said, “Because we cannot move far even during the Lunar New Year holidays, consumption of cultural contents such as music seems to have increased. I hope that you will receive a unique recommendation for songs that are shared differently every week and receive a monthly copyright fee for your favorite music and feel new healing.”

Music Cow is gaining popularity as a healing investment by providing music fans with a unique experience of receiving a monthly royalty fee for the music owned by their favorite music, and to investors with a steady annual income of monthly dividends and musical fun of recalling memories. In addition, 50% of the amount raised through the auction is additionally transferred to the original copyright holder as a subsidy, adding to the meaning of win-win.

Currently, Music Cow shares the copyrights of The Cross ‘Seven Dwarfs Who Loved Snow White’, Mighty Mouse ‘Energy’, and PERC%NT ‘Petal Point’.

Music Cow New Year holiday lineup. Photo l Music Cow

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