‘On and Off’ Yoon Park, “Unaffected OFF” · Nucksal “If I want to invite Code Kunst”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yoon Park and Nucksal, brothers of tvN’s “On & Off” (directed by Shin Chan-yang), delivered a one-on-one answer with their determination to appear.

“On and Off” is a “private documentary” entertainment show that captures social me (ON) and personal me (OFF) with a new look in busy daily life. He received a lot of love by revealing the true and ordinary daily lives and innermost thoughts of stars that were not easily seen. After finishing the new refurbishment, “On & Off” was hosted by Uhm Jung-hwa and Sung Si-kyung, and Choa, Yoon Park and Nucksal confirmed their appearance.

The five members of the official poster recently released are drawing attention with their long-standing family chemistry. Among them, Yoon Park and Nucksal are expected to show off their easy-going and honest chemistry. The two will present a “super smashed” laugh with Cho-ah and show even more outspoken ON and OFF. Questions are growing over how Yoon Park and Nucksal, who started “On & Off” as guests, joined as private members. As if to live up to expectations, the “Breakdown” brothers delivered a one-on-one answer with their determination to appear before the first episode.

Q. Nice to meet you. I wonder why you chose to appear on the program.

– Yoon Park: I know a lot of people responded well right after the show last year. I don’t know if I can do it well, but I felt that I should repay you with a small amount of support. I was grateful to the production team for their suggestion to join us.

– Nucksal: It was so much fun to be able to see other people’s ON and OFF while continuing to appear. I’d like to have more fun and watch it’s.

Q. Which ON and OFF do you want to show?

– Yoon Park: I didn’t dress up at all. I showed myself as I am, and I think the viewers liked it a lot. I’d like to show you the real OFF version this time.

– Nucksal: I’m so worried.(Laughing) Maybe they’ll be working on a new album and “Son’s Son” and “Atlas” friends again.

Q. Is there anyone you would like to invite to ONF?

– Yoon Park: Personally, I can’t pick just one person because I don’t have many close celebrity acquaintances (smile), but I’d like to invite someone who can show their true self. You’re always welcome.

– Nucksal: I recommend Code Kunst.
Most of all, cats are cute. People are fun.

Q. Please say something to the viewers who have been waiting.

– Yoon Park: I think the ON of each life may be different, but the OFF may not be much different. I want to share the keyword “sympathy” with the viewers.

– Nucksal: It’s nice to be with you again, it’s fun, it’s fun. I hope you enjoy it together. I look forward to your kind cooperation!

tvN’s “On and Off” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on the 16th.



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