Only two times until the end of ‘Mr. Queen’, the hard hair behind the regrets

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“Mr. Queen” released a behind-the-scenes cut to soothe the disappointment of the end of the drama.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Mr. Queen” (playwright Choi Ah-il, director Yoon Sung-sik) has only two episodes left until its end. Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun, who gave birth to the legendary fusion historical drama comedy, were more brilliant than anything else. “Mr. Queen” took control of the main room by sweeping the hearts of viewers by producing a thrilling laugh, a thrilling tension, and a novel romance that has never been seen anywhere.

“Mr. Queen” received a lot of love throughout the show, sweeping viewership and buzz amid the two’s performance. The ratings of the 18th episode soared up to 18.6% (15.5% on average), and continued to be a box office sensation, maintaining the top spot in the same time slot of all channels, including terrestrial broadcasters. In particular, all ages ranging from teenagers to those in their 50s did not miss the top spot in the same time slot of all channels, including terrestrial broadcasters.

The actors’ passionate performance moments in the behind-the-scenes photos released ahead of the final episode raise expectations and curiosity about the ending. From the “No Touch” couple’s growl chemistry to the hot Jeon Woo-ae (?), Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun’s performance, which gave birth to great scenes of laughter in each episode, were the best popularity secret and driving force. The beautiful synergy between the two in and out of the camera creates excitement until the end. Shin Hye-sun’s laughter hard carry, which was completely possessed by Kim So-yong, the energetic queen, who had a modern free-spirited spirit, was quite unique. Shin Hye-sun naturally unraveled the extraordinary and absurd palace survival of “Sobong” (Kim So-yong + Jang Bong-hwan), creating an unprecedented character. Expectations are even higher for her last performance.

Kim Jung-hyun’s “heart-throbbing” smile was also seen as he smiled broadly at the camera. Kim Jung-hyun’s presence was instrumental in solidifying the center of gravity of the play. As Cheoljong is a person who has to express complex emotional lines such as not only comedy but also childhood trauma and puppet king’s anger, it is not easy to give laughter without breaking the emotional line. Kim Jung-hyun’s ever-changing performance, which freely crosses cold and hot water, shone by maximizing the beauty of fusion historical drama comedy. His passion for accumulating details without missing out on minor details shows his extraordinary affection for the character. Cheoljong did not break his conviction, dreaming of a new world despite the constant crisis. Attention is focused on what kind of ending his fate will create.

It is also interesting to see Bae Jong-ok and Kim Tae-woo, who added chewy tension to the royal power in the following photo. On top of that, Seol In-ah and Na In-woo’s script “Sticking Up” mode, which made the play more dynamic by playing as tension makers, also catches the eye. The court’s power structure, which changes every minute, adds curiosity to their final moves. Cha Cheong-hwa and Chae Seo-eun, the first contributors to Kim So-yong’s extraordinary royal survival period, also make viewers smile. Ms Choi and Hong-yeon, who are looking for Cheoljong with Kim So-yong. The energetic appearance of those synchronized with each other while walking along rough mountain paths creates warmth. In particular, Choi Sang-gung and Hong Yeon, who risked their lives to protect Kim So-yong in the last broadcast, raise questions about whether the three will be able to meet again with smiles. In addition, the performances of actors including Kim In-kwon, Lee Jae-won, Yoo Min-kyu, Cho Yeon-hee, and Yoo Young-jae, who made “Queen Cheol-in” richer, also make the remaining broadcasts more anticipated.

The Great Queen, who took advantage of Cheoljong’s absence and regained power, Kim So-yong, who found Cheoljong’s plan, and Cheoljong, who survived another crisis. Attention is hotter than ever in the future of the “No Touch” couple, which is unpredictable. Attention is focusing on whether Kim So-yong and Cheoljong will be able to come back alive.
The production team of “Queen Cheol-in” said, “The passionate performances of legendary duo Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun, who showed the essence of fusion historical drama comedy, will be worth it until the end.”

Meanwhile, the epilogue “Mr. Queen: Bamboo Forest,” which contains episodes that were not shown in the main episode of “Mr. Queen,” will be exclusively released on TV only. In time for the end of the main episode of “Mr. Queen,” a total of two epilogues will be provided to paid TV members for two days on the 13th and 14th.

The 19th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Mr. Queen” will air at 9 p.m. on Saturday, the 13th.


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