Park Jung-min, Melon Station ‘Movie and Park Sun-young’ appeared on Valentine’s Day special

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

On the morning of the 10th, music platform Melon unveiled a surprise preview video of Melon’s original audio content ‘Movie & Park Sun-young’ starring popular actor Park Jung-min. This ‘Movie & Park Sun-young x Park Jung-min’ was specially held as ‘Valentine’s Special Show Radio’ in line with the content release date on the 14th.

Park Jung-min perfectly digests the characters in the movies Dongju, Sunset in My Hometown, Tazza 3-One Eyed Jack, Svaha: The Sixth Finger, Time to Hunt, and Deliver Us from Evil, and has been recognized for his acting skills, and has established himself as a popular actor with a wide range of screens and CRTs. In recognition of this, Park Jung-min was honored with the Best Supporting Actor Award with ‘Just Save From Evil’ at the ’41st Blue Dragon Film Awards’ held on the 9th.

In the preview video of’ The Movie & Park Sun-young’ episode 55, ‘Valentine’s Day Special’, Park Jung-min appeared with a bright expression with lovely props, greeted melon users, and showed strong confidence in love counseling. Subsequently, he amplified the curiosity about the main story by showing a ridiculous, cool and witty answer to the love story.

In the main story, Park Jung-min introduces the love story of Melon users through various specially prepared corners, and is a message that he has digested the role of a messenger of love that delivers confession instead of the main character in the story. In addition, it is known that he has released ‘Green Card’ and ‘Carol’ as a romance movie recommended for Valentine’s Day, and is known to have released a serious aspect as an actor.

In particular, this filming will take place at the book cafe ‘Book and Day and Night’ where Park Jung-min’s colors and emotions are infused, providing a more comfortable atmosphere and enhancing the immersion of the video.

Melon’s original audio content service ‘Station’ is receiving favorable reviews every week for artists representing each genre to run programs in various formats such as music talk shows and audio-type entertainment.

‘Movie & Park Sun-young’, which is released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, is a program run by announcer Park Sun-young, who has been loved by many movie fans. Etc. have appeared. Melon Station can be used by any Melon member on the Melon App>Station tab (third at the bottom).

An official from Melon said, “We will continue to show original contents in various themes and formats that can connect artists and fans and expand the range of music appreciation.”

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