‘Ssulvival’, Park Na-rae x Hwang Bo-ra x Kim Ji-min balance talk

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

KBS Joy’s new entertainment program “Ssulvival,” which is set to premiere on the 11th, is adding to viewers’ expectations.

“Ssulvival” is a new concept talk show that introduces various “episodes(ssul)” sent directly by viewers through the recent popular “balance game” and selects the best legend stories every week. Park Na-rae, Hwang Bo-ra, and Kim Ji-min, who are called best friends in the entertainment industry, were selected as MCs, drawing attention, and pointed out three points to help them become more immersed in the program.

◆ 200% of the viewers are watching “Fun Guaranteed”

“Ssulvival” is a story sent by viewers and directly plays a balance game.
In fact, the stories that viewers have experienced at the end of “guaranteed great fun” will further increase the immersion of the balance talk show.

Here, a real “spicy taste” story unfolds enough to doubt the eyes and ears. Through the teaser released earlier, she predicted a balance talk show consisting of “My Husband” story, who is more powerful than K-drama, and “Kiss Story” which consists of basic and “A story of a rude man whose head is  full of shit”. As it consists of the actual stories of viewers, it contains things that might happen around us, which evokes sympathy from viewers.

◆ Make the story even more delicious! “Ssultoon” + 3MC “Overindulgence” Acting

“Ssultoon” will be joined to express the viewers’ stories more deliciously. “Ssulvival” predicted that it would catch both “easy understanding” and “fun” through Cartoon-style animation “Ssultoon,” which was vividly expressed based on the story. On top of that, Park Na-rae, a master of daily acting, Hwang Bo-ra, an eight-color actor, and Kim Ji-min, a low-world tensioner, are expected to fall in love with the story and perform “overindulgence” acting, further amplifying expectations.

◆ A close-range balance game! What do you think?

Balance game, which has become a hot topic by heating up online and offline, will now be born as a full-fledged entertainment broadcast. The “nuclear spicy taste” option that goes over the edge of the line is Dumb.

The options released in the teaser are “VS” without a word, “Platonic Love” without a year of skinship, “VS,” “My best friend’s underwear at my lover’s house,” and “VS” at home for 300 million won.
Another point to watch is to find out what other people think through two options that contain extreme situations where there is no answer. It will be more fun if you watch it with your friends, lovers, and family, find out what you think, and balance your opinions.

In addition, a special guest will appear in “Ssulvival” every episode and play a balance game together. The special guest “customized” balance game theme prepared here is another hidden fun point.

Meanwhile, the first episode of ‘Ssulvival’ will be available on KBS Joy at 8:30 p.m. on the 11th, the Lunar New Year holiday.


‘Survival’. Photo lKBS Joy

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