‘Three Parks’ Park Chan-ho “Glory to broadcast with Park Se-ri and Park Ji-Sung…I am impressed with the details of the PD”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Too much Talker’ Park Chan-ho recalled the process of recruiting ‘Three Park’.

On the afternoon of the 10th, an online production presentation was held for MBC’s new entertainment program ‘Three Park’ (director Noh Seung-wook, Lee Min-ji PD). The production crew, Park Se-ri and Park Ji-sung attended the production presentation, and Chan-ho Park, who is currently staying in LA, participated in video.

On this day, Park Chan-ho trembled, saying, “I will briefly say hello for about 5 minutes,” and said, “It’s awkward to have a press conference for the first time while living in the United States.”

Park Chan-ho said, “It’s a great honor to be involved. I met No PD five times and I remember convincing me.” He said, “I took the bread I had eaten at home on the way to meet and shared it, and it was impressive. I had a meeting for about 4 hours, but I was so hungry that I went to a bean sprout soup restaurant next to it and ate it.”

Park Chan-ho said, “You’re a PD who discovers very detailed things. When I gave me a suggestion that I want to deliver a new message to a difficult reality again, as I hoped during the IMF, the time for slices of bread and bean sprouts soup was actually shooting a different broadcast, There was not much of this, so I was hesitant, but I felt the enthusiasm of the proposal and the ability and wit to discover in detail, so I appeared.”

“More importantly, It’s great to be with Park Se-ri and Park Ji-sung. After meeting Park Se-ri several times, I had a plan and a dream to do something that we could deliver to society as a media as a broadcast, but this time it became an opportunity. The same,” he said.

‘Three Parks’ is a special project by Park Chan-ho, Park Se-ri, and Park Ji-sung, the eternal legends that conveyed hope and courage from a distant foreign country to Korea with a challenging spirit not afraid of failure. The three will once again deliver hope, courage, and laughter to the people who are tired and suffering from the corona and economic recession, challenging another reboot project other than baseball, golf, and soccer.

The broadcast is on the 14th at 8:55 pm


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