Yoon Ji-sung adopts a dog after 1 year of agony, “I have a new family”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yoon Ji-sung, a former member of the group Wanna One, adopted a dog.

On the 9th, Yoon Ji-sung took luck on his Instagram by saying, “I have a new family!”

He said, “His name is Vero,” and “I decided to adopt a dog after thinking and studying for more than a year and thinking really carefully.”

In addition, “Vero was rescued from a container life and was in a shelter. He met a good carer and came to me” Yoon Ji-sung explained the situation, “I’ll talk more about it later on YouTube! I hope all animals in the world are happy # Don’t buy. Adopt Dog.”

Netizens who saw this showed various reactions, such as “Ah cool. Real good influence”, “I wish Vero could receive love”, and “Vero is handsome like his guardian”.

Meanwhile, Yoon Ji-sung was discharged from the army on December 13 last year.


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