Actor Ryu Joon-yeol and Yang Chi-seung made a video call with President Moon… background of the selection?

President Moon Jae-in had a video call with eight people, marking the Lunar New Year holiday. Ryu Jun-yeol and Yang Chi-seung also joined the video call.

On the same day, the Blue House said that President Moon had a video call with eight people through “Face Talk,” Kakao Talk’s video call system, for about an hour from 9:55 a.m.

The targets of President Moon’s “New Year’s Video Call” are Father Ahn Kwang-hoon (real name Brennan Robert John, 79) who came to Korea more than 50 years ago to protect the environment, actor Ryu Jun-yeol, self-employed health trainer Yang Chi-seung, and Ji So-yeon, the footballer of Chelsea FC Ladies in UK. Despite the difficulties of COVID-19, each person gave hope and courage in his field.

The Blue House added that this is the first time that the president has made a video call with the people on the occasion of the holiday, and that he used the Kakao Talk Face Talk function to talk on the phone.

Among them, actor Ryu Jun-yeol is doing various activities, setting an example for environmental protection, including a campaign to cope with plastic abuse and a declaration of a 50% reduction in disposable plastic usage at large discount stores through the “#In-Courage Challenge” on his Instagram. He is the first Asian celebrity to complete the Greenpeace ISC course and boarded the Greenpeace Environmental Monitoring Line.

Ji So-yeon is the first female soccer player to advance to England, and this year marks the seventh anniversary of joining Chelsea FC Women. She was awarded the Women’s Player of the Year by the Professional Footballer Association of England. Chelsea FC Ladies won the Super League last season.

Director Yang Chi-seung, a famous health trainer and broadcaster, ran a health club in Covid-19 and suffered as much as any self-employed person. He also sold Tteoboki for a while, as he couldn’t open health training center due to the strengthened social distancing.

Father Ahn Kwang-hoon, dubbed the “Father of those in need,” acquired Korean citizenship as a special contributor in September last year in recognition of his 54-year service to social welfare activities such as coal mining independence projects, demolition rights and relief projects, and residents’ autonomous projects.

Actress Lee So-byul is an acquired hearing-impaired person and became a hot topic as she hosted the event at the 75th Liberation Day celebration last year. She will appear in the 2021 play “BREAK” by Barrier Free.

Three graduates of Hongcheon Oan Elementary School held a cheering placard and welcoming event on the day their confirmed juniors went to school after complete recovery, and this case was introduced through the COVID-19 regular briefing.

The Blue House official explained, “President Moon expressed his condolences and gratitude to the people who endured difficult times with COVID-19 and wished for the 2021 year of recovery, inclusion and leap forward.”

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]
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