Admiration of Jang Yoon-jung “There are many blessings to eat, children and career” (‘Mysterious Record Shop’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the ‘Mysterious Record Shop’, three magicians complete a rich episode with exciting stories, such as a New Year’s fortune telling for the new year, contemplation of the 4MC, and an explanation of the name and contemplation of the name. In particular, he raises curiosity that he did not spare good words about Kyu-hyun’s contemplation and made him shrug.

In the JTBC music talk show ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ (Plan JTBC/ Produced SM C&C STUDIO/ Directing Kim Ji-sun), famous role actors Park Dae-hee, Park Seong-jun, and Shin Hyun-gap appear on their life songs and Introduce the tangled story.

When interest in the New Year’s fortune increased ahead of the New Year’s holiday in 2021, three magicians appeared in the ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ and began to solve the cool fortune. In the recent recording of the ‘Mysterious Record Shop’, Park Seong-jun, a writer and architect, said It was difficult last year when Gyeonggeum entered the country due to the strong energy of the tree, but the new year of construction attracted attention by predicting a year that will be better than last year.

Naming expert, Park Dae-hee, also predicted that the year of 2020 saw heavy rain and disasters, but the new year of construction in 2021 will be different. With the bright news that it predicts a wide open year with change, it drew everyone’s attention.

The keynote, contemplation, and statement on the ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ 4MC were also interestingly unfolded. Mr. Park Seong-jun pointed out the appearance of Yoon Jong-shin’s eyebrows and eyes, and said that he is “combined with ego and pride” with “a temperament with strong immersion and concentration,” and obtained strong consent from Yoon Jong-shin. Kyu-hyun also cheated on everyone’s envy when he heard the story of “a person who is treated until death and is contemplated to live” from Shin Hyun-gap, an expert in skill and key skills.

Jang Yoon-jung attracted attention when she was introduced as a key holder with good food. Mr. Park Dae-hee introduced that Jang Yoon-jung is a person who also makes a lot of effort, saying that she has great fortune in foods, children and career. On the other hand, he made Jang Yoon-jung’s ears sharp by saying that the 20-year-old luck will change from next year.

Wendy listened to the prospects of the future with her forehead, and also suddenly took a time to apologize to her sister while solving a statement about her real name, Son Seung-wan, and made a laugh.

In addition, during the recording on this day, the three actors were asked by the listed company’s executives and staff members and participated as interviewers for new recruits, and the story of know-how in responding to the requests of the family members and the rich music selection related to this was continued.

As we prepare for the new year of the new year of 2021, you can check the predictions of the year and the advice of experts in styling to prepare for it through ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ on the 12th.

On the other hand, ‘Mysterious Record Shop’ is a music entertainment that completes a playlist by introducing ‘Life Story’ and ‘Life Songs’ by appearing with guests tied to a common profession along with Yoon Jong Shin, Jang Yoon Jung, Kyu-hyun, and Wendy 4MC. It is broadcast at 9 o’clock.


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