BTS DNA MV recorded over 1.2 billion views… Unrealistic speed

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS’s ‘DNA’ music video exceeded 1.2 billion views.

The number of YouTube views of the music video ‘DNA’ of the title song ‘DNA’ of BTS’ LOVE YOURSELF 承’Her’ released in September 2017 exceeded 1.2 billion at around 3:13 am on February 11th. The ‘DNA’ music video showed a steep rise in popularity, adding 100 million views in about 4 months after recording 1.1 billion views.

The ‘DNA’ music video visually expresses the lyrics of ‘We are destinedly intertwined from the beginning and were one from DNA’ through a scene change that seems to cross virtual reality and outer space.

BTS was the first Korean singer to set a record with ‘DNA’, entering the US Billboard main single chart ‘Hot 100’ and the main album chart ‘Billboard 200’ simultaneously. ‘DNA’ entered 67th place in ‘Hot 100’ and was named for 4 weeks in a row, and LOVE YOURSELF ‘Her’ also stayed in ‘Billboard 200’ for 6 weeks in a row.

BTS has a total of 29 billion-unit hit music videos, including ‘DNA’.

1.2 billion views of ‘DNA’, 1.1 billion views of ‘Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)’, each 800 million views of ‘FAKE LOVE’ and ‘MIC Drop’ remix, ‘IDOL’, ‘Dynamite’ , With 600 million views of’FIRE’,’Blood Sweat & Tears’,’Dick’, 500 million views of ‘Save ME’, 400 million views of ‘Not Today’, and each 300 million views of ‘Real Man’ ‘Spring Day’, ‘ON’ Kinetic Manifest Film, ‘Hormon Wars’ with more than 200 million views each, ‘I NEED U’, ‘ON’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Danger’ with 100 million views each, ‘Only one day’, ‘We are bulletproof PT.2’, ‘RUN’, ‘Serendipity’, ‘Singularity’, ‘No More Dream’, ‘IDOL (Feat. Nicki Minaj)’, ‘Dynamite’ B-side, ‘ Dynamite’ (Choreography ver.).

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