‘Funstaurant’ Park Jung-ah is on the show with her 21-month-old daughter

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The 21-month-old daughter of Park Jung-ah will be on ‘Funstaurant’ for the Lunar New Year’s special feature.

KBS 2TV’s ‘Funstaurant’, which airs at 10:10 pm on the 12th, will be decorated as a special feature for the New Year. With the announcement of the result of the 21st menu showdown on the theme of ‘Kimchi’, it is expected that it will be a broadcast with more abundant and loud laughter as it is a national holiday.

In this confrontation, a pro mother, Park Jung-ah, threw a vote as a side chef. Actress Park Jung-ah married her husband, a professional golfer who was two years younger than her husband in 2016, and gave birth to her daughter Ah-yoon in 2019. Was the first to be revealed, and as a pro mother, she showed surprising cooking skills.

For her daughter, Ah-yoon, she showed off her multi-cooking skills, and in a short time, she set up a 7-cheok table and fed them. In particular, after the broadcast, the 3 kinds of baby universal field created by Park Jung-ah became a big topic among parenting mothers and child-raising dads. In addition, the lovely charm of 21-month-old daughter Ah-yoon of ‘Mokbang Baby’, who makes you feel the reward of cooking by professional mother Park Jung-ah, also captivated viewers of ‘Funstaurant’.

On this day, the cuteness of Park Jung-ah’s 21-month-old daughter Ayun is expected to explode. On this day, Park Jung-ah challenges ‘Baek Kimchi Dried Persimmon Roll’, which her parents-in-law enjoys eating as a snack. ‘Baek Kimchi Dried Persimmon Roll’ is a sweet dried persimmon wrapped in cool and salty white kimchi and rolled up. Park Jung-ah is said to have fed her daughter Ah-yoon with ‘Baek Kimchi dried persimmon roll’ made by herself with a trembling heart.

As soon as Ayun eats ‘Baek Kimchi Dried Persimmon Roll’, her eyes change and she repeats “Give me again.” For the first time in her 21-month life, Ayun said that she tried a passionate front tooth eating at the sweet and salty taste. It is expected that the members of the ‘Baek Kimchi’ who saw Ayun, the cute food-banger, said that they were “too cute”.

However, Ah-yoon’s happy eating was not smooth. Ayun, who had been eating ‘Baek Kimchi Dried Persimmon Roll’, suddenly cried. What is the reason why Ayun, a sundung who doesn’t cry even if she falls down and plays well on her own, showed tears during the eating session? Ah-yoon’s eating with her front teeth, whose mouth-watering gulps and shouts “cute” just by looking at them, will be released on KBS 2TV’s New Year’s special ‘Funstaurant’, which airs at 10:10 pm on Friday, February 12th.


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