[Hanbok Interview ②] Hong-ja “I want to overcome my family’s faith when I was unknown…I want to sing hope”

Hongja recalled that her family was the strength to survive the dark days of obscurity. Provided|Mystic Story

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

(Following Interview ①) Hong Ja is loved by the public so much that she is considered a star of the Year of the Ox that will shine the new year in 2021. However, she spent a long time in obscurity until he saw the light with “Miss Trot 1” in 2019. It was the path of a singer who jumped in just because she liked singing, but the reality was not green until the world recognized her.

“It was a long period of obscurity, and my life was intense. The family was worried about the coming of the end of every month and had a hard time. You tried not to show it to me, but you can see. I wanted to quit music because I could be of help to the family economy if I do something else right now. But my family didn’t give me permission. Thanks to you, I’m having an interview like this. Haha.”

Hong-ja’s “main job” after her debut in 2012 was a singer, but she can’t just wait for the stage until someone called her Hong-ja. She recently introduced a variety of part-time jobs, including eyelash extensions, nail art, car accounting, and convenience store management, and said, “I worked part-time jobs that I could spare time even after my debut.” “I was able to prepare for the performance that I don’t know when I’ll sing it,” she said calmly by doing a morning part-time job or a weekend part-time job.

What was able to endure the hard time was also the “family” that gave absolute faith and support to Hong-ja.

“The secret to holding on? I have a family that always gives me strength to say I’m the best. And I was able to endure because of my personality and positive thoughts that I never gave up. For example, I think I lived thinking that I would be able to make my name known by the age.(LAUGHS)”

Starting with “Miss Trot 1,” the trot craze that has been sweeping broadcasters so far has grown unprecedented in the past one to two years. As a singer who has been digging a trot Korean well for a long time, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Hong-ja said, “I am grateful and proud that I am able to promote how much meaningful trot is.”

It would be nice to see the steady production of outstanding singers in the genre as a whole, but wouldn’t this change be felt as a threat in that the so-called “event love call” could be dispersed? In response, Hong-ja expressed her true feelings in a polite and honest manner.

Hong-ja conveyed ‘hope’ to unknown singers, hoping for a healthy 2021 year. Provided|Mystic Story

“I’ll tell you a story before I go on stage for ‘Miss Trot’. Before going on stage, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and felt like I was going to explode under pressure and pressure. I thought the biggest thought I had was unknown singers to watch the show. Besides the singers who appeared in “Miss Trot,” I was worried that unknown singers who are watching on TV would be upset with a lot of thoughts. I was an unknown singer like them.”

Hong-ja said, “After the first performance, I closed my eyes and courageously cheered for the unknown singers on the show. “I did it, too, which was not a good thing. Don’t worry.”You can do it all,” he said. “I mean it, and I haven’t changed a moment.”

“There are many talented people coming out, and I wanted more unknown singers to come to the surface than anyone else, and I never thought of it (as a threat),” she said. “I will support unknown ‘steamed’ singers that have never been revealed.”

2020 when the stage went missing due to Corona19. It was a year harder than anyone else for singers who are up on stage. It was a dark and distant time, but looking back at the sight, Hong Ja never let go of hope.

“Looking back, it was frustrating. But as always, I can see myself cheering up with hope that it will be better like everyone else. (Laughing) In 2021, I want to be active and show various aspects to many people.”

Another wind delivered by the Reds was simple and special. “My wish is that I want to be a healthy person. I think we need to be healthy so that we can perform warm music for a long time. That’s the proof of being strong.”

Hong-ja, who is not swayed by the harsh world and waits for the stage in front of her fans who will be back someday, expressed her wishes, goals and determination in 2021 at the end of the interview.

“Maybe it’s always the same wish and goal every year. I will become a Hong-ja who develops day by day and always tries to live a meaningful life. I wish everyone a better year in 2021.”


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