Jeon So-mi “Happy New Year”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeon So-mi said hello to her fans.

The Black Label released an image of Jeon So-mi’s greetings for New Year 2021 through official SNS at noon on the 11th.

In the released image, Jeon So-mi said, “I hope everyone will be healthy and happy this year. I’ll try it too. Also, I feel like there will be a lot of interesting things this year. Please wait for me while eating 10 bowls of rice cake soup.”

She continued, “I love you a lot, our group! Thank you for always giving me great strength. It’s really, really undeserved? I am a happy person. I will try to become a person who can give you great strength. Happy New Year.”

Since her debut, So-mi Jeon has emerged as a ‘Gen Z generation’s representative icon’, showing prominence in various fields of entertainment such as entertainment, advertisement, and MC.

Last year, she released her second single ‘What You Waiting For’ and actively participated in the overall production of the album, including lyrics and composition, and won the No. 1 trophy in music broadcasting with music that contains her own identity, proving she is a major artist in name and reality.
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