Lee Min-jung gave 1 million won gift for her friends

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Min-jung impressed an acquaintance with a big New Year’s gift.

On the 10th, Lee Min-jung’s hair designer, Soo-hyun of a hair shop Jenny House, posted on her Instagram, “Thank you for receiving a lot of happiness from Min-jung. I feel like I’m already blessed. I feel like a good start. Although it is a coronavirus situation, I am moved by taking care and giving me strength. I’ll show off something like this. I always support you to become a happier, busier, and cooler actor this year,” she posted and released 10 gift certificates for 100,000 won from Lee Min-jung.

Lee Min-jung handed me a warm handwritten letter along with a gift.

In a letter to Lee Min-jung, “I always thank you very much for being together for a long time, and you listen to me well and stylize well. My younger brother is not good at expressing, but this New Year, I ask you to be blessed. Wouldn’t it be better to choose what you want to buy yourself? Long thought and gift certificate. “Let’s be together for a long time.”

Director Lee Min-jung and Soo-hyun also appeared in the 2019 MBC every1 entertainment program ‘Seville’s Barber’.


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