Rain, how did he lose weight… Diet + Exercise Special Secrets Revealed

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rain’s special diet secret is revealed.

In ‘Season B Season’, which is scheduled to be released on the 11th, singer Rain transforms into a diet teacher and teaches all the special secrets such as diet and exercise. As the students who will be taught Rain’s diet method on this day, KCM and YouTuber ‘Ilju Eater’ will appear and reveal their weight and body fat percentage.

In this video, Rain reveals the daily diet he actually eats when he is on a diet. When students rebelled against a grassy diet such as salads without sauce and sweet potatoes, he said, “I insist on eating vegetables.”

Following this, Rain tells you about the ‘circulatory exercise’ that repeats various movements of anaerobic and aerobic as a diet secret. Before the start, Rain said, “It’s driving your body to the limit. The whole body hurts as if it’s cut off, it’s normal.” He predicted hell’s training.

You can see through the main story whether the three people who are tired of exercising, those who sway when they have a chance, and those who eat more than exercise, will be able to meet and succeed in diet.

Meanwhile, in the cookie video at the end of this ‘Season B Season’ content, the second ‘Big Project’ of Rain requested by subscribers will also be released.

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