Song Ga-in performs on ‘Chosun Pop Again’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Ga-in, who caused the Korean traditional music syndrome, appears in the ‘Chosun Pop Again’ and heralds the ‘Song Ga-in Syndrome’ to the world.

‘Trot Queen’ Song Ga-in is scheduled to appear in ‘Chosun Pop Again’ to add the heat of the home theater and shake the world.

In ‘Chosun Pop Again’, which was designed with the intent to open a new year full of excitement by combining various genres of music based on Korean traditional music, Song Ga-in, who caused the Korean traditional music syndrome, will appear to decorate a high-class stage according to the purpose of the program. to be.

It is expected that Song Ga-in’s name will be known to the whole world beyond Korea and that the excitement will rise.

Song Ga-in, dressed in Korean traditional hanbok, decorates the stage with an unrivaled tone, and everyone is interested in what kind of charm he might have put on the stage this time. In the recording for more than 500 online audiences, hot reactions such as “I’m the original Korean classical music queen Gain” and “Song Ga-in spread the Korean traditional music genre” poured out, and Song Ga-in’s stage will be a gift to fans even during the Lunar New Year holidays. It is said that it is a back door that everyone cheered.

In addition, the three best friends in the Korean music world, Song Ga-in, Jo Yoo-ah, and Seo Jin-sil, have made a stage full of excitement with ‘Saetaryeong’ for those who have made friendships for 20 years while learning Korean traditional music, raising the anticipation of the first row of the room.

‘Chosun Pop Again’, where you can see Song Ga-in’s high-quality stage, will be broadcast on KBS2 at 6:35 pm on the 11th, the first day of the Lunar New Year holiday.

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