‘Trot Fighter’ Jung Soo-yeon, remarried + 7 months pregnant → “I lived as a single heart and became a family of four”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The Lunar New Year special “Trot Fighter” captivated viewers with fun and excitement like a comprehensive gift set.

In the 8th episode of MBN’s “Trot Fighter,” which aired on the 10th, Kim Chang-yeol, “Jjamppong Record,” who has cast special stars for the Lunar New Year, and Park Se-wook, “Complete Sales Planning,” played a heated match. Harisu and Hong Seok-cheon’s performance strongest competition, Lee Han-wi and Lee Kwang-ki’s senior and junior competition, “Voice Queen” No. 1 Jung Soo-yeon and No. 2 Joela’s rematch, and Lee Kun-joo and Ban Hyung-moon’s loyalty stage were held, which filled the New Year’s eve.

First of all, in the first round, the first pregnant woman of the “Trot Fighter” appeared, making the room noisy.
It was Jung Soo-yeon, the winner of “Voice Queen.”

Jung Soo-yeon, who was a single mother when she appeared in “Voice Queen,” announced her second marriage and pregnancy, saying, “She is currently seven months pregnant.” “I lived with my son and became a family of four,” he said. Jung Soo-yeon sang the “complete train to Mokpo” in an appealing voice, and won against trot empress Kim Yong-im. Jung Soo-yeon was ranked as a real-time search word on portal sites after the broadcast, becoming a hot topic.

In the second round, Baek Bong-gi of “Complete Sales Planning” and Kim Hyun-min of “Jjamppong Record” shot support and set up a duet stage. Lee Kun-joo, who was loved as the youngest member of the nation in the drama “HanBoong Three Families,” sang Park Sang-chul’s “Bread” with Baek Bong-gi. Ban Hyung-moon, the leader of the group Tree Top, who topped the Oricon chart in Japan, chose Kim Hyun-min and “Young Il-man’s Friend” to show great guitar performances and explosive singing skills. The result was a victory between Kim Hyun-min and Ban Hyung-moon.

In the third round, actors Lee Han-wi and Lee Kwang-ki faced off. After acting as a couple with Ha Ri-soo, Lee Han-wi of “Complete Sales Planning” sang Noh Sa-yeon’s “Baram” with a distinctive low-pitched voice and received applause. Lee Kwang-ki of “Jjamppong Records” said, “I am working as an actor, photographer, sharing planner, installation artist, and art auctioneer,” drawing attention by announcing his recent status in catching N. Lee Kwang-ki, who shouted to add a “trot singer” as a new job, drew attention by singing “tree man” who was taught by the original composer Park Gu-yoon, but Lee Han-wi, who captured the heavy sensibility of middle-aged people, took the victory.

In the fourth round, there was a battle of the century that was never seen on any broadcast. Issue makers Ha Ri-soo and Hong Seok-cheon competed to determine the strongest performance. Hong Seok-cheon sang “G Cafe” of a fire truck with a colorful dance. After the stage, Hong Seok-cheon said, “I am 51 years old,” and smiled as if his physical strength was exhausted. Ha Ri-soo chose “Orabernie” and announced the return of the famous “Performance Queen” with her fresh dance and stage manners. Hong Seok-cheon took the victory as a result of the close game.

In the fifth round, Joela, the original composer of “Difficult,” who ranked second in “Voice Queen,” appeared and set up a duet stage with Park Se-wook, “Complete Sales Planning.” Park Se-wook’s stretched high notes and Joela’s mournful singing style, “As I Live,” left a deep lingering impression. In response to this, “Jjamppong Records” featured Cho Moon-geun and Jung Soo-yeon, the No. 1 voice queen, on the high-pitched explosive stage, making the scene a frenzy. Jung Soo-yeon, who poured out high notes with her perfect body, said after the performance, “I almost had a baby,” causing laughter. Cho Moon-geun and Jung Soo-yeon, the “high-pitched final king” who pierced their ears, became winners of the competition.

The sixth round of the highlight of the Lunar New Year’s Day special was staged under the theme of “Seollal.” Kim Chang-yeol, president of “Jjamppong Records,” selected Dae-sung’s “Hit the Jackpot” and raised the excitement by creating a venue for harmony that forgot about the confrontation. In response, “The Sold-out Plan” selected a song “Jin-to-Bae-Gi,” which fits perfectly with the Lunar New Year holiday, and completed a stage where shoulder dance comes out in a composed voice.
The result was a victory for the sell-out project, Joel.

On New Year’s Day, various stars appeared and performed a rich stage like a comprehensive gift set. The combination that can only be seen in “Trot Fighter,” such as the performance battle between Ha Ri-soo and Hong Seok-cheon, and the beauty of the competition added to the fun. The final victory on the day was won by “Jjamppong Records” and continued to win three consecutive games.

“Trot Fighter” airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. on MBN.


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