’20th Century Hit Song’ Kim Hee-cheol x Kim Min-ah, confirmed’Exclusive Collaboration’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

’20th Century Hit Song’ presents a rich holiday greeting with ‘Duet Hit Song’.

KBS Joy ’20th Century Hit Song’ (hereinafter referred to as Hit Song), which airs at 8 pm on the 12th, sang together with the theme of ‘You and I duet~ duet~ hit song’, with artists at the time when the emotion and pleasure doubled. He plans to summon a large number of ‘Hit Songs’.

As it is a special feature of ‘Duet Song’, it is a hint that the special duet stages prepared by ‘Hit Song’ are waiting for viewers. Among them, the most anticipated is an express collaboration between MCs Kim Hee-cheol and Kim Min-ah, which was finally completed. We are already looking forward to seeing what color the harmony the two will show.

There are also special guests who should not be left out. Representative Korean actors such as Lee Deok-hwa, Kim Soo-mi, and Han Seok-gyu all come out to present the ‘Hidden Song’. However, the voice that showed some suspicious appearance aroused curiosity, and the studio was shaken with laughter when the guest’s identity was revealed.

In celebration of the Lunar New Year’s Day, ‘Hit Song’ prepared more content and New Year’s greetings than ever before. ‘Hit Song’, where you can feel the Newtro music sensibility with a special duet, will be available at KBS Joy at 8 pm on the 12th.

Meanwhile, KBS Joy can be viewed on Skylife #1, SK Btv #80, LG U+tv #1, KT olleh tv #41 and KBS mobile app ‘my K’, and regional cable channel numbers can be found on the KBS N website. . In addition, more videos of ‘Hit Song’ can be found on major online channels (Youtube, Facebook, etc.) and portal sites.



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