From the ‘Guide is a Foreigner’ Sewoon Shopping Center to the custom tailor shop that Hunter Biden loved

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

New Year’s special ‘Guide is a Foreigner’ introduces the streets of Seoul.

Daniel Lindemann, Julian Quintart, Alberto Mondi, and Mark Tetto introduce the streets of Seoul in the SBS New Year’s special entertainment program ‘Guide is Foreigners-Seoul’, which airs at 9 am on the 13th (Sat).

In SBS ‘Guide is Foreigner-Seoul’ (hereinafter, ‘Guide is Foreigner’), Korean foreigners who know Korea better than Korea introduce Korean attractions. It is a plan to catch two rabbits, ‘entertainment’ and ‘culture’ that can re-light the stories around us that we forgot about familiarity with.

On this day, Sisters No Sa-yeon x No Sa-bong and Gangnam, Lee Sang-hwa, Mo Tae-beom and Ayumi walk the streets of Yongsan and Euljiro under the guidance of a foreign guide. While visiting Chungmuro and Hipjiro, we are going to tour the workshops and old shops of craftsmen who have maintained their positions for many years. In Yongsan Alley, President Biden’s second son, Hunter Biden, visits a tailor’s tailor who has asked for clothes. Following the guide mark, take a tour of the development history of Yongsan, which has grown with the US military base.

A guide to enjoy Seoul by foreigners who know Korea better than Koreans, SBS ‘Guide is Foreigner-Seoul’ will be broadcast at 9 am on the 13th (Sat) and 8:35 am on the 14th (Sun).


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