‘Hal Myungsoo’ Park Myung-soo, challenge to create a super-large fish exhibition for New Year’s Day with Subingsu

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In celebration of the holiday, Park Myung-soo tried to serve a super-large fish pancake with Subingsu.

On the 12th (Fri), JTBC’s ‘Hal Myungsoo’ YouTube channel will reveal the ‘Myung-soo’ section. In the ‘Myung-soo for New Year’s Day’ section, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, Park Myung-soo will reveal the appearance of dismantling a large flatfish and serving fish pancakes with guest Subingsu.

The fish that Park Myung-soo prepared for the Lunar New Year Fried fish was a large flounder loved by many people. Park Myung-soo, who saw a large flounder weighing 5.5 kg, was astonished, saying, “I’ve never seen such a large flounder so far.” In addition, whenever the great flounder made a spur of water, Park Myung-soo was amazed and left the shooting site and made a laugh.

As a guest, YouTuber Su Bing-soo, who specializes in dismantling the Great King Fish, appeared as a daily assistant to Park Myung-soo. Park Myung-soo, who tried to prepare fish for the first time in his life, showed off his unexpected skills. In particular, in the process of separating the flounder flesh, Park Myung-soo skillfully followed the demonstration of Su Bing-soo even once. Even the uninformed process was shown on its own, making not only Su Bing-soo but also the production team admire. Soo Bing-su praised him, saying, “You’re so good,” “I have nothing to teach,” and Park Myung-soo said, “I am the prince of the sea.”

Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo revealed his ambition for the growth of his YouTube channel. After finishing the fish and serving fish pancakes, Park Myung-soo and Su Bing-soo had time to express their commitment to the New Year. Park Myung-soo said, “We are preparing to catch up with No Hong-cheol and Haha’s YouTube channel,” and raised expectations for the future by conveying the New Year’s resolution.

On the 12th (today), the identity of the super-sized fish pancake made by Park Myung-soo and Su Bing-su can be found on the JTBC ‘Hal Myungsoo’ YouTube channel ‘Myung-soo cooks foods for the New Year’. The episode of ‘Myung-soo for New Year’s Eve’ will be broadcast on the JTBC channel at 11:30 am on Saturday, 20th.



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