Han Tae-woong “This year’s New Year’s landscape is different from last year, it’s so sad” (Morning Yard)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Han Tae-woong, a boy farmer, expressed regret at the changing hometown landscape.

Singer Yoon Hang-ki, boy farmer Han Tae-woong, singer Kang Jin, Kim Hyo-seon, Park Se-wook, Yoon Soo-hyun, and actor Moon Hee-kyung appeared in the corner of KBS 1TV ‘Morning Yard’ broadcast on the morning of the 12th.

Han Tae-woong handed a sermon saying, “Happy New Year’s Day and I wish you all your work.”

Han Tae-woong said, “This year’s New Year is very different from last year. Even when I walk around the neighborhood, there are differences between children and children, but this year I am very sorry to not see such a landscape.”

He added, “A year by year, the landscape of my hometown changes. It is very regrettable and sad that the rice fields are filled and the mountains disappear.”



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