Heo Jae X Hyun Joo-yeop held a basketball basic common sense quiz

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The legendary basketball basic common sense quiz contest is held in ‘Play Basketball’.

In JTBC’s ‘Play Basketball’, aired on the 14th, the first training of ‘Sangam Bunax’, which is entering the world of basketball in earnest, is scheduled to begin. In the midst of this, interesting attention is being drawn to the fact that Heo Jae and Hyun Joo-yeop prepared a basketball basic common sense quiz contest for legends.

Last week’s first evaluation match, ‘Sangam Bunax’, was sweaty not knowing the basic rules of basketball as well as the terms of basketball. Coach Heo Jae also tried to explain tactics to legends who did not know the terms, so the conversation did not work properly.

Accordingly, coach Heo Jae and coach Hyun Joo-yeop decided to grasp the basic common sense of legends through a quiz contest. The two basketball legends showed their passion for education by showing personal demonstrations, but an unexpected ambush was waiting.

Legends don’t even understand the meaning of basketball terms in English, while the catastrophe (?) brought about by the three-second violation (the attacker cannot stay in the paint zone under the goal for more than 3 seconds) is the back neck of Heo Jae. To catch. Even those from Confucian schools such as Lee Hyung-taek, Kim Byeong-hyun, and Hong Seong-heun are confusing spelling and make the scene upset.

In addition, you will learn from A to Z about basketball, such as watching the video and calculating the total number of goals, understanding why Lee Dong-guk got a free throw opportunity, and understanding the electronic board. However, regardless of the willing participation rate of the legends, laughter does not stop with the continuous incorrect answer procession. Afterwards, it is said that coach Heo Jae and coach Hyun Joo-yeop began to write a number that gave special consideration to legends through thorough eye-level education.

Perhaps the legends began to understand basketball out of ignorance? The result of the basketball basics quiz contest of ‘Sangam Bunax’, which is raising expectations with the first basketball training of the beginner of Basketball comes 14 You can check it at 7:40 on the evening of JTBC at ‘Play Basketball’.



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